Monday, May 28, 2012

We've Got the Right Stuff...Baby #NUUNKOTB

If you don't follow breaking Nuun relay news on twitter...just this in:

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and then Ragnar re-tweeted me, my head is going to explode with how important I feel right now
After tossing around a ton of relay team names, all incorporating Nuun of course, we decided on NUUN Kids on the Block.  #NUUNKOTB

My fellow Nuun teammate/vanmate Holly made the above graphic and I probably laughed out loud for approximately 15 minutes after seeing it.  PURE GENIUS!

I'm fairly certain there isn't a 20 or 30 something female out there who wasn't obsessed with New Kids on the Block growing up.  Personally, I favored Joey and had his poster in my room and NKOTB sheets on my bed.  I had all the tapes and even a concert VHS...what I wouldn't give to have kept all that goodness and not tossed it years ago.

I'll probably have about a MILLION more posts about this epic adventure so I won't bore you with all my ideas using NKOTB lyrics on our van...yet...

But let's talk about a training "plan" for my upcoming races shall we.  I use the word "plan" loosely because I don't really intend on following anything to a "T" but I have some goals for the months leading up to my races and I might as well share them so I actually do them.  This will be my fourth year running Rock and Roll Seattle and then Ragnar the next month.  Each year I train for the half marathon and then just ride that training to's worked pretty well.  BUT since I'm a super serious "sponsored" athlete now ;) I'll attempt to step up my game a bit. So for the next 8 weeks leading up to both races I will:
  1. Run at least 3 times a week
  2. Incorporate one run 6 miles or longer each week 
  3. Incorporate one speed run or hill run each week
  4. Keep up strength training - this has become an important part of my exercise routine over the past months and I intend to keep it up, even if that means sacrificing some running days for weight days.
new running shoes to kick off official training :)
So, with that in mind here is my planny plan for this week:

Monday - Easy 6 miles
Tuesday - Push workout (Chest, Tris, Shoulders)
Wednesday - 9 mile run
Thursday - Pull workout (Back, Biceps) + sprint session on the treadmill
Friday - Leg weights
Saturday - REST, although I'll be doing none of that since I'll be working at a science festival all day
Sunday - Spin + Yoga or just Yoga depending on how Saturday goes

Question: Do any of you do mid-week looonnngg runs?  Sometimes I struggle with fueling myself during the day and actually staying motivated to run that long after work.


Ricole Runs said...

LOVE that graphic!!! And this looks like a hardcore week of training! Very impressive! I need todo more strength training!

Shea Avery said...

Veery creative post