Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 4 - Marathon Trainin Recap

Hey week 4, wow how the time is flying! I did ALL my training runs this week and I felt pretty strong with every run.  My Chicago running buddies Stacey and Katie did their 14 mile long run this week and they both survived so I have high hopes I'll be ok when I do it all alone next week.

Monday - 4.0 miles easy - DID IT
40:00 - 10:00 pace
I sweat out this run on the dreadmill at my gym.  It wasn't horrible! I think 4-5 miles is my treadmill threshold and I just don't understand how people can run longer than an hour on them, share with me your ways if this is you!

Tuesday - 6.0 mile tempo run - DID IT
58:00 - 9:37 pace
Set out on my typical 6 mile loop around my house.  Warmed up for 2 miles trying really hard to stay at around a 10:00/mile...I did pretty well.  Then I sped it up for 2 miles and tried to stay right at 9:00/mile.  It was definitely tough but I did it and then ran the last 2 miles a little slower to cool down.  It feels really good to push myself during some runs and I can feel myself getting stronger and faster every week.

Wednesday - Personal training session - DID IT
Another warm afternoon with Sara.  We started out by doing weighted lunges down the entire length of a soccer field with sprints in between sets.  My legs FELT it over the next couple days.  The rest of the session was a bunch of upper body and core work.  Another great total body workout.

Thursday - 5.0 miles easy to moderate - DID IT
49:00 - 9:47 pace 
+20 minute yoga for runners
This run was HARD.  My legs were sore from personal training the day before and I accidentally ate two pieces of cake for an afternoon snack, seriously people, stop bringing cake in for every occasion! But, I completed the run and even a little faster than I thought.  I read about on a blog during the workday so I downloaded the free 20 minute version of Yoga for Runners and stretched it out after my run.

Friday - REST - DID IT
Rested up for my morning run by cooking my brother and his roommate a salmon dinner.

Saturday -7.0 mile long run - DID IT
1:10:00 - 9:57 pace
My main goal was to stay at a 10 - 10:30 pace since that is what my plan is for the marathon.  I have a REALLY hard time staying slow in the beginning but I managed to find a good 10+ minute pace in the later half of the run and I completed the run with energy to spare.  I kept thinking that next week I have to run a new personal distance for me...14 MILES. 

Sunday -Yoga - REST
I spent a LONG day in the run Saturday afternoon on a boat with beer...enough said.  Instead I went to a 1st birthday party, shopping for my birthday outfit and grocery shopping.

I apologize for the lack of photos this week, my camera is STILL broken so I'm relying on my cell phone for now.  I'll leave you with pictures of the cutest 1 year old you'll ever see.  Happy Birthday Brecken!
Brecken wears leg warmers that his dad HATES!
He thought the Happy Birthday song was very entertaining!
Total Mileage: 22 miles
Total Strength Sessions: 1 personal training
Total Yoga: 1 Yoga for Runners

Marathon Training Week 5 - Say It Do It - August 1-7
It's my birthday week!  Plus I'm headed to visit family in upstate NY on Saturday for a whole week.  My main goal for the next two weeks is to just run 3 days a week and get my long run in.

Monday - 5.0 miles in the AM / Personal training in the PM
Tuesday - 5.0 mile run
Wednesday - 6.0 mile run with a new running buddy
Thursday - REST
Friday - 14.0 mile run <---Personal Distance Record right here!
Saturday - REST and travel to NY
Sunday - R&R with family

Question: How do you prioritize marathon training while traveling?  I am not looking forward to the heat and humidity of upstate NY and I've even considered going and getting a week membership at a local gym.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Race Recap: Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage - Part 1

Trying to sum up a 27 hour race in three short blog posts is going to be difficult but I'll try to keep it to the highlights and not bore you with the 2:00AM sugar coma madness that overcame most of my van since it was one of those so funny you had to be there to appreciate it kind of moments.  Team Casual Encounters (#187) ALL had a fabulous time and I'm fairly certain I recruited everyone to do it again next year :).

To sum up the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage event:
190 miles
12 runners -everyone runs 3 times
2 vans
27 hours

The night before or more aptly titled How NOT to Prepare for a 27 Hour Race:
My friend and van mate Lindsey came over Thursday night for a sleepover and pre-race carbo loading session.  She recommended we get Zaw pizza which is a take a bake pizza place that focuses on fresh, local ingredients.  How could we go wrong?  Well we didn't with the pizza that was loaded with chicken, strawberries, caramelized onions and feta on a whole wheat crust...YUM!  However, having a couple local microbrews and half of a GIANT gingerbread cookie was the wrong choice.  I woke up feeling a little hungover and bloated to say the least...great way to start off a race!

Morning Time:
My alarm went off at 4:15AM and I jumped out of bed and started getting ready and packing up our SUV that we rented for the weekend.  Paul and Emily met at my place at 4:45 and we were on the road before 5:00...right on schedule which works well for my type A personality.  
I really liked this GMC Acadia...drove really smooth and had this super cool backup camera that appeared in the rear view mirror when you put the car in reverse.
We made the trek up to Blaine, Washington pretty quickly with one pit stop at Starbucks for a iced coffee...I was beginning to feel normal again...thank goodness!  The start was at Peace Arch State Park where we met our other two van mates who camped the night before, Prentiss and Karol.
Van 1 ready to run!
The start was a little disorganized but we managed to go through our check-in, safety briefing, and gear pickup pretty fast.  I was busy playing with this awesome bubble stick Lindsey bought for us and didn't even realize I was getting my picture taken.  A co-worker emailed me the photo that was in the Bellingham Herald...I'm FAMOUS!
Photo courtesy of Bellingham Herald
And...We're Off:
Paul started off the race for us at 8:15AM and just like that it all begins!  Paul is a super speedy runner so I knew it would be no time before it was time for me to run.  I ate a snack to fuel me up and changed into running shorts and a tank.  The weather could not have been more perfect...sunny and about 55 degrees!

My first run - Leg 2 - 6.5 miles:

Nice and flat, just the way I like it!
Since Paul basically sprinted his first 7 mile run it was my turn to run around 9:30.  A quick exchange of the slap bracelet and I was off.  Woo...feeling good, can't wait to run!  No later than 60 seconds into my run I had to stop at the train tracks for an Amtrak train to buzz!  One runner almost ran through the crossing until I yelled at him and thank goodness I did because I might have witnessed a train fatality and probably would have had to stick around to give a witness report and not run.  Okay, now I was off to run straight down a road for the first 4 miles:

Mile 1- 9:33
Mile 2 - 9:27
Mile 3 - 9:28
Mile 4 - 9:02

The road went downhill and along Birch Bay at about Mile 4 and it was gorgeous!  There was a perfect breeze and I picked up my pace in order to rack up a few kills (kills = passing people). 

Mile 5 - 9:18
Mile 6 - 9:09
Mile 6.5 - 8:30 <--I took advantage of really tired runners at this point and racked up 4 kills!

I finished in exactly 1:00:40 but I'm calling it an hour since I spent at least 40 seconds waiting for the train.  And I tallied my 7 kills on the window.

Lindsey, Karol, Emily and Prentiss all ran after me and kicked some serious butt.  I know it's rude to count people as you pass them but not in a relay, the more KILLS the better!  In what seems like an even ruder move you mark kills on your van, like a badge of honor.  We met up with the van 2 people at the first major exchange in Bellingham and just like that it's FOOD time.
The whole team, minus Prentiss who of course was running!
We decided to forgo the showers in Bellingham for food and thought we can just take them at the next spot (BAD thinking...).  We went to Fiamma Burger in burgers ever and made a quick pit stop at Fred Meyer for glowsticks and water.  We went straight to the next place we would exchange with van 2 only to find out no access to showers or changing rooms, just porta potties.  Nothing a few baby wipes and febreeze can't fix.

Part 2...coming soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Pea of Advice for You

I am not a vegetarian, I am not a mother, and I am definitely not as witty as Mama Pea!  But...that doesn't mean I can't laugh at every single blog post she writes or run to Barnes and Noble and pick up her new cookbook "Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love".  ALL of her recipes on her blog and in the book (which I skimmed under my desk at work after I bought it) look amazing.  In fact I have made this one before and it did not disappoint. 

The book is full of her witty laugh out loud stories and delicious wholesome recipes that you can feed your whole family...or just one single person if you are me. 

I wanted to take the entire stack and move it to the featured cookbook area but a Barnes and Noble employee was lurking so I didn't.
Seriously, go buy it now and laugh out loud tonight, then cook something delicious from the won't even notice it's meatless and if you are a hardcore meat eater, just add meat!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 3 - Marathon Training Recap

Like I stated in my Say It Do It last week I had no intentions of following the official training plan this week since I was running in the Ragnar Relay weekend Friday through Saturday.  I'm excited to jump back on the bandwagon though and keep up with scheduled runs.  There is something about crossing off a marathon training run that feels so rewarding!

So, what did I do last week?

Monday - REST - DID IT
No running or exercise of any form occurred today although I was still busy running errands after work

Tuesday - 4.5 miles easy to moderate - 4.0 miles easy
39:40 - 9:54 pace
4.0 miles felt like enough for the day plus I had evening plans and wanted to get my run done as quick as possible.  I ran with my trusty running pup, Stacey, and she expended so much energy trying to chase a couple squirrels we had to a slow down for a mile or so and take a pit stop at the lake to rehydrate.

Wednesday - Personal training session - DID IT
The sun came out in time for my 2nd personal training session with Sara.  She kicked my A$$ again and I actually had to stop for a couple minutes because I honestly felt like I might throw up...thanks Sara!

Thursday - REST - DID IT
The afternoon consisted of running errands for the Ragnar Relay all afternoon and carbo loading with Lindsey before the big race starts Friday at 8:15!

Friday - 6.5 miles at 9:30AM - Ragnar Relay Run #1
1:00:00 - 9:13 pace
Stay tuned for a race recap but this run was amazing!  I felt super strong the entire time and ran along Birch Bay which was beautiful.

Friday - 3.5 miles at 6:30PM - Ragnar Relay Run #2
30:00 - 8:34 pace
I have no idea who ran this leg because I don't run that fast.  I also have no idea how I had the energy after the 6.5 miler in the morning but the adrenaline rush from the whole event definitely played a part.

Saturday - 3.0 miles at 3:30AM - Ragnar Relay Run #3
26:00 - 8:39 pace
Thank god for downhills on your third run within 24 hours after NO sleep. It felt amazing to be done and I celebrated with a giant cinnamon roll from a great bakery on Whidbey Island.

Here are some photos to hold you over until the official race recap:
Van 1 before the race...only 190 miles to go!
And after running 3 legs with no sleep.
Our van...window paint is essential to relay success!
One major benefit of running an all night relay...seeing the sunrise on the water while a harbor seal plays in the foreground
Sunday - REST DAY - DID IT
Sleep sleep and more sleep and some laying by the pool on this gorgeous Seattle summer day!

Total Mileage: 17 miles
Total Strength Sessions: 1 personal training
Total Yoga: NONE...again I need to get on this and start stretching more!

Marathon Training Week 4 - Say It Do It - July 25-31
Monday - 4.0 miles easy
Tuesday - 6.0 mile tempo run - I'm not sure how I'm going to dissect this run but I would like to run at least 2 miles faster at probably a 9:00/mile pace.
Wednesday - Personal training strength session
Thursday - 5.0 miles easy to moderate
Friday - REST
Saturday - 7 mile long run
Sunday - Yoga

Hope you all had a great weekend and stay tuned for Ragnar Relay race recaps coming soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ready for Ragnar!

I am consumed with Ragnar Relay coordination right now!  Being the team captain this year has actually been a lot of fun (knock on wood) and no one has backed out last minute...yet (again, knock on wood!).

My team, Casual Encounters, toes the line at the start at 8:15 at the U.S. Canadian border near Blaine, Washington.  If you have ever read craigslist Casual Encounters ads  then you would understand our team name.  And if you haven't you should go right now...but not at work...that might be inappropriate.  The whole relay is a bit like a casual encounter, never being in one place too long, meeting new people and then blowing past them on the road, and getting closer than you ever thought to your 6 van mates but then saying goodbye and possibly never seeing any of them again...or until next years race!

I am runner number 2 and will be running 6.4, 3.5 and 3.1 mile legs for a total of 13 miles.  I'll leave you with this hilarious and motivational video from last years Northwest Passage race.

QUESTION: Have you ever done or have plans for doing a relay? This is my 3rd year running the Ragnar Relay and unless you have done a relay I can't really describe what an AMAZING experience it is. But I will try in my race recaps next week :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Race Recap: Warrior Dash Washington

On Saturday me and a bunch of my closest friends ran the Warrior Dash out in North Bend, Washington.  It was a typical Seattle summer day, about 60 and raining...I guess you could say it was perfect for getting muddy.  Meadowbrook farm was turned into the race course and we quickly discovered that the little piles of dirt everywhere were manure (note to self - try to avoid these at all costs).  I outfitted myself only in items I wouldn't mind throwing in the garbage after.

Pre-race - does this look like something you should be wearing to a race in the SUMMER?  Okay, I'll stop complaining about our summer now.
My friends Stace and Kath thought it would be hilarious to wear an old half marathon shirt to Warrior Dash which is in direct violation of my number one rule of racing - "You shall not wear a race t-shirt from a race of a longer distance than the one you are running"'s just bragging :)
What snobs!
We were off at 8:30 am running on farm fields and muddy filled streams the entire 3.55 miles.  I was pretty paranoid about twisting my ankle and ruining marathon training so I took it really slow.  For the most part all of our friends stuck together which made it more fun.  We even stopped to have a dance party after one of the obstacles.  The obstacles weren't too hard and included hopping over barriers, climbing under barb wire, towering over a large wall, walking on a balance beam, crawling through a dark tent, leaping over fire and finally crawling through a mud pool. 
I don't believe in paying obscene amounts of money for race photos, so you'll have to deal with the millions of watermarks.
I might have been a tad dramatic during the fire leap.
Coming out of the mud right before the finish.
We all finished in around 54 minutes, clearly not a fast race but we just focused on having fun together!

Overall, I had a great time with my friends, but I'm not sure I would do this race again unless the weather was perfect.  After we got hosed off I was wet and freezing so it didn't make post race activities very fun.  I enjoyed the BEST shower of my life when I got home and threw away everything I wore that day. 
Yumm...muddy turkey leg!  Brittany is the smallest girl ever and she attacked that leg!
Question: Have any of you done a Warrior Dash, Hell Run, Muddy Buddy or any of the other seemingly more popular obstacle races?  I think I'll stick to road races :) 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 2 - Marathon Trainin Recap

I don't have anything too revolutionary to say about week 2 of marathon training other than, I did it.  I was SUPER busy after work all week so while I got the miles in (for the most part) I was pretty exhausted all week.  Next week doesn't look any less busy but I'm still hoping to get all my runs in.

Monday - 4.5 miles easy - DID IT
44:30 - 9:53 pace
Ran with my good friend Carol on a sweaty afternoon.  Luckily, we had a nice drizzle to cool us off half way through and I even discovered a new 4.5 miler by my house that includes my favorite park and a couple of hills to get the heart rate up.  Finished the night with a salmon dinner, ice cream with fresh strawberries and The Bachelorette!

Tuesday - 6 miles with 4x2 minute intervals - DID IT
1:02:00 - 10:20 pace
Overall pace was S-L-O-W.  Running Kirkland is HILLY.  The first mile was almost all uphill and the last mile was all uphill.  This run was very challenging in a good way and doing the 2 minute pickups was actually fun and refreshing change to running as slow as a sloth. I did the pickups at a 9:00/mile pace.  I felt pretty accomplished after this run and that always makes me feel good.

Wednesday - Personal training session - DID IT
This was my first week starting personal training with Sara, my old boot camp instructor.  She kicked my A$$!  She definitely knows how far to push me and I woke up the next day sore everywhere, but a good kind of sore, not the I can't walk straight for 3 days kind.  It went something like this:
  • 20 lunges on one leg (switch leg each time around)
  • 20 pushups (switch between wide, regular and tricep)
  • 20 double crunches
  • Run up a hill
  • 20 mountain climbers or sumo squats
REPEAT 6 times!  I honestly felt like I might throw up twice during that circuit...again in a good way :)

But the circuits were not over next up:
  • 20 side lunches with 20lbs of weight
  • 20 plank rows with 10lb weights
  • 20 shoulder raises with 5lb weights
  • Speed skater down a concrete patch and backwards shuffle back
REPEAT 3 times!  My shoulders were on FIRE and when I went shopping yesterday I had a hard time looking through clothing racks, it was a sad!

Then just to make sure my legs got worked out enough she strapped one of those bands around my ankles and I walked across the concrete pad back and forth.  Finally it was stretching time and then I walked home...VERY slowly! 

Thursday - 4.5 easy to moderate - REST
I was VERY sore from personal training on Wednesday plus my mom was in town so we went shopping instead, it was a good decision!

Friday - REST - 2.0 mile walk
Took the pup for a walk around the park with my mom.

Saturday - 3.55 mile Warrior Dash - DID IT!
Look for a race recap soon, but here are some pics to get you excited.  Overall, it was pretty fun, but kind of cold and raining the whole morning.  You didn't get really muddy until right before the finish line and all the other obstacles weren't too challenging.
Brittany and Stu sharing an after race turkey leg, now that is LOVE!

The ladies after the mud and freezing shower from a fire hose...BRRR!!
Sunday - 10 mile long run - DID IT
1:42:53 - 10:19/mile
Completed this run outside with Stacey and it rained the WHOLE time.  Since we ran in the rain and mud the day before in fields we felt pretty good to be running on non-muddy pavement, so we didn't complain.  The goal was to keep a 10:30 pace for most of the run to try and simulate what the marathon might be like.  I felt strong the entire run and we kept up conversation for most of the run.

Total Miles: 24.05
Total Strength Sessions: 1 personal training
Total Yoga: NONE.  I really need to change this because I always feel amazing after a good long stretch session.

Marathon Training Week 3 - Say It Do It - July 18-24
I'm pretty much throwing the official training program out the window this week because I'm running the Ragnar Relay Friday-Saturday where I'll be running 13 miles over a 24 hour period.  I want my legs to be nice and fresh for this race so I'm taking it easy in the beginning of the week.

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4.5 miles easy to moderate
Wednesday - Personal training
Thursday - REST
Friday/Saturday - Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.  I'm runner number 2 and cover a total of 13 miles
Sunday - Yoga

Question: To all those marathoners out there, how do you deal with the guilt of not following a training program to a T, or do you let yourself cheat every once in a while without regret? 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-Week Motivation

Hi All!  It's Wednesday, half way through the work week and I'm already thinking about the day I get to finally sleep in and I have to wait until Sunday since I have to get up at the crack of dawn Saturday to swim in mud and jump through fire at the Warrior Dash.  I really hope I come out of it not injured and without mud stuck EVERYWHERE!

I can't remember where I saw this photo, probably someone's blog but I love it and it helps get me out the door when I think I'm too busy to run sometimes.  ENJOY!

I'm on track so far for marathon training week 2!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 1 - Marathon Trainin Recap

Week 1 = DONE.  Only 13 to go, that doesn't seem so least not yet anyways.  Here is the rundown:

Monday - 4.5 miles easy - DID IT
Didn't wear a watch, just out for a fun run
Since this was the kickoff to marathon training, I probably had the most motivation I'll ever have to complete a run :)!  I met up with Kath, Kelly, and EY to do the Greenlake loop with an added bonus around the Woodland Park Zoo.  We all took it at a leisurely chat worthy pace before trucking it up a giant hill to reach the zoo.  Although, this part of the run wasn't exactly easy I really enjoyed the challenge of it and realized I should probably incorporate some more hills into my running.  We finished with a nice walk and some self service frozen yogurt from a new place on Greenlake, Zoe

Tuesday - 6.0 miles with 4 x 30 second pickups - 5.0 miles + 1 mile walking
I was so mad at the treadmill I didn't record my time
It was H-O-T in Seattle on Tuesday and by hot I mean 80 degrees. I realize this is nothing compared to what most of the country is dealing with but when you run in 40-60 degree weather for most of the year, 80 is hard to adjust to.  And since I'm a baby when running in the heat I took it indoors to my new gym that has amazing air conditioning.  I ran on a treadmill that was looking over Lake Washington so it was like I was outside.  5 miles was all I could take and decided to walk the last mile to finish the Sex and the City episode I was watching.

Wednesday - Strength Training - Walk with dog plus rest
I was actually still semi-sore from the Jackie Warner DVD I did on Sunday, plus I woke up with a major kink in my neck this morning so I decided to take it easy and just take the dog for a nice walk.
You know it's a nice day when the mountain is out!

Thursday - 4.5 miles easy - DID IT
44:30 - 9:43 pace
Nice outdoor run after work with the pup.  Found a good loop around my place that is 4.5 miles so I'm sure I'll be doing that one a lot since 4.5 miler seem to be popular in the marathon plan I'm using.

Friday - Rest or morning yoga - 40 minute power circuit DVD
Did my favorite Jackie Warner DVD before hoping on the train for Portland.

Saturday - REST- DID IT
And boy did I REST.  90 minute massage + manicure + pedicure = relaxation heaven.

Sunday - 6 miles marathon pace - DID IT
1:00:30 - 10:00 pace
I had every attempt of trying to run this slowly like I'm supposed to but I didn't and I paid for it after mile 2.  It was hot out and I was not properly fueled for a longer, warmer run after all the fried/fatty foods and beer I had over the weekend.  Took off WAY too fast and had to take some walk breaks toward the end.
Before the 6 miler...I look tired and I haven't even ran yet!

Total Miles: 21
Total Strength Sessions: 1
Total Yoga: none - but I did stretch at least 10 minutes almost every day and I figure the 90 minute massage is just as good...right?

Marathon Training Week 2 - Say It Do It - July 11-17
Monday - 4.5 miles easy
Tuesday - 6 miles with intervals with Kath (4x2 minutes + 2 minutes easy)
Wednesday - Personal training strength session
Thursday - 4.5 easy to moderate
Friday - REST
Saturday - Warrior Dash which I have NO IDEA what I'm in for but I know it includes 3.5 miles of running and a bunch of crazy obstacles...scary!
Sunday - 10 mile long run - try to actually maintain a 10:00-10:30/mile for the entire run.

Total mileage: 25 + Warrior Dash which I'm not sure to include since I've heard there is a lot of hurry up and waiting at the obstacles

Links to All Marathon Talk:
OFFICIAL Marathon Training: Week 1

Question: Can you run in the heat?  Any advice?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I hate...umm LOVE Jackie Warner

I'm not usually one of those people who globs on to whatever celebrity trainer is preaching or trying to sell, but Jackie Warner...I hate LOVE a you make me so sore with only 40 minutes of training kind of way.  I'm not gonna lie, I watched all her reality shows and even read her book This is Why You're Fat.  I think the main reason I like her so much is she is absolutely real with her clients and through her book.  She is confident her training and nutrition programs work and if they aren't working for you, you must be doing something wrong...she is probably right.

The Book:

This is Why You're Fat was kind of an impulse buy for my Nook one day when I was just looking for some good information on the types of foods I should be eating to fuel myself for exercise but at the same time try to loose a few pounds to be in the best shape I could.  She lays out the science behind how certain food behaves in your system and why foods make you fat.  Since I'm a science nerd, I totally related to this and soaked up every ounce.

Jackie doesn't state anything revolutionary by any means but drives home the point that feeding yourself good, wholesome, fresh foods will make you feel and look better.

P.S. LOVE my Nook...I highly recommend this if you are a crazy reader and don't like to fill shelves with actual books.

She ends the book with a workout routine and meal plan you can follow and even allows two cheat meals per week...not DAYS...MEALS.  I like that and it allows you to be semi-flexible and maintain a social life of eating out with friends and happy hours.  While I won't be following her food or exercise routine I think it's pretty good for beginners and the exercises requires less than an hour a day and it doesn't seem too intense.

The DVD:

I never buy exercise DVDs...NEVER.  I first stumbled up on these videos when checking out On Demand options on Exercise TV which are free.  I did Jackie Warner's 40 minute total body power circuit and while I didn't feel like it very challenging during the workout my body told me otherwise the next day and the next day and the next a good way!  Another one of my friends happened upon Jackie On Demand the same week and had the exact same good things to say about it.  When it was no longer available On Demand I shelled out the $12 to get the DVD on Amazon. If you want a quick total body workout you can do in your home with just hand weights buy this DVD now!  You can even just do 15 minute workouts for your arms, legs, or abs.

Stacey thinks if I'm on the floor it must mean play time with her!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  I'm currently riding the choo choo down to Portland to hang out with a friend for the weekend.  80's dancing, 90 minute massages, BBQs and shopping await!
Thanks free wi-fi on Amtrak!

QUESTION: Do you have any go-to workout DVDs that you like to pop in when you want a quick at-home workout?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

OFFICIAL Marathon Training: Week 1 we go!  Although I've been in training mode for some time now and running races I haven't officially started a marathon training plan. That changes tomorrow!  Kath, Stace, and I embark on our 14 week journey to the Chicago marathon.  We are meeting for a 4.5 mile run around Greenlake and then meeting to discuss our training plan, set long runs so we can do them together and talk about how nervous we are to run for 4+ HOURS!

The training plan I'm going with is from Nike and was actually posted for last year's Chicago marathon.  I like that it is 4 days a week of running (5 is TOO MANY!) and I also like that the really long runs (14+) are separated by semi-long runs (6-9).   We are starting on week 4 from the beginner runner plan.

I'll attempt to post weekly recaps and goal's for the week ahead so you can all keep me motivated and don't be afraid to tell me I'm slackin!  Speaking of goals, my goals for the ENTIRE 14 weeks before the marathon are:
  • Never miss a long run
  • Strength train at least once/week, ideally twice
  • Run 3-4 times week
  • One yoga or long stretch session a week
  • ENJOY a rest day or two a week and really short runs or long legs need to REST
I'm also going to steal an idea from the Fit Chick in the City blog and implement a Say It Do It in my weekly posts.  Basically, it is just writing down your goals for the week to help you stay accountable.

Marathon Training Week 1 - Say It Do It - July 4-10

Monday - 4.5 miles easy pace with friends to kickoff marathon training
Tuesday - 6 mile run with 4x 30 second pickups
Wednesday - Strength training (Body Pump at gym or Jackie Warner DVD at home)
Thursday - 4.5 mile easy to moderate pace
Friday - REST or Morning yoga
Saturday - REST
Sunday - 6 miles marathon pace (thinking about 10:30)

Total mileage goal: 21

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend!  I'm off to go exercise these two critters, I'm watching my friends golden this weekend.  Toni and Stacey are BFFs!

QUESTION: Anyone else out there training for a fall marathon?  Any advice is WELCOME!