Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I hate...umm LOVE Jackie Warner

I'm not usually one of those people who globs on to whatever celebrity trainer is preaching or trying to sell, but Jackie Warner...I hate LOVE a you make me so sore with only 40 minutes of training kind of way.  I'm not gonna lie, I watched all her reality shows and even read her book This is Why You're Fat.  I think the main reason I like her so much is she is absolutely real with her clients and through her book.  She is confident her training and nutrition programs work and if they aren't working for you, you must be doing something wrong...she is probably right.

The Book:

This is Why You're Fat was kind of an impulse buy for my Nook one day when I was just looking for some good information on the types of foods I should be eating to fuel myself for exercise but at the same time try to loose a few pounds to be in the best shape I could.  She lays out the science behind how certain food behaves in your system and why foods make you fat.  Since I'm a science nerd, I totally related to this and soaked up every ounce.

Jackie doesn't state anything revolutionary by any means but drives home the point that feeding yourself good, wholesome, fresh foods will make you feel and look better.

P.S. LOVE my Nook...I highly recommend this if you are a crazy reader and don't like to fill shelves with actual books.

She ends the book with a workout routine and meal plan you can follow and even allows two cheat meals per week...not DAYS...MEALS.  I like that and it allows you to be semi-flexible and maintain a social life of eating out with friends and happy hours.  While I won't be following her food or exercise routine I think it's pretty good for beginners and the exercises requires less than an hour a day and it doesn't seem too intense.

The DVD:

I never buy exercise DVDs...NEVER.  I first stumbled up on these videos when checking out On Demand options on Exercise TV which are free.  I did Jackie Warner's 40 minute total body power circuit and while I didn't feel like it very challenging during the workout my body told me otherwise the next day and the next day and the next a good way!  Another one of my friends happened upon Jackie On Demand the same week and had the exact same good things to say about it.  When it was no longer available On Demand I shelled out the $12 to get the DVD on Amazon. If you want a quick total body workout you can do in your home with just hand weights buy this DVD now!  You can even just do 15 minute workouts for your arms, legs, or abs.

Stacey thinks if I'm on the floor it must mean play time with her!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  I'm currently riding the choo choo down to Portland to hang out with a friend for the weekend.  80's dancing, 90 minute massages, BBQs and shopping await!
Thanks free wi-fi on Amtrak!

QUESTION: Do you have any go-to workout DVDs that you like to pop in when you want a quick at-home workout?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I haven't used a workout video in years, I got so sick of them in college, even the thought of one makes me shudder :) I do IT

Janel and Brad said...

I just totally bought that DVD. I think there is something wrong with me! Such an impulse buy! :) Maybe the fact that I just bought a new bathing suit last night as something to do with it.

Marathon Lar said...

@Christy - I've heard SO many good things about, I'm going to have to check it out!

@Janel - Too funny, you'll really like it, not too long and provides a good total body workout, let me know when you try it :)