Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 4 - Marathon Trainin Recap

Hey week 4, wow how the time is flying! I did ALL my training runs this week and I felt pretty strong with every run.  My Chicago running buddies Stacey and Katie did their 14 mile long run this week and they both survived so I have high hopes I'll be ok when I do it all alone next week.

Monday - 4.0 miles easy - DID IT
40:00 - 10:00 pace
I sweat out this run on the dreadmill at my gym.  It wasn't horrible! I think 4-5 miles is my treadmill threshold and I just don't understand how people can run longer than an hour on them, share with me your ways if this is you!

Tuesday - 6.0 mile tempo run - DID IT
58:00 - 9:37 pace
Set out on my typical 6 mile loop around my house.  Warmed up for 2 miles trying really hard to stay at around a 10:00/mile...I did pretty well.  Then I sped it up for 2 miles and tried to stay right at 9:00/mile.  It was definitely tough but I did it and then ran the last 2 miles a little slower to cool down.  It feels really good to push myself during some runs and I can feel myself getting stronger and faster every week.

Wednesday - Personal training session - DID IT
Another warm afternoon with Sara.  We started out by doing weighted lunges down the entire length of a soccer field with sprints in between sets.  My legs FELT it over the next couple days.  The rest of the session was a bunch of upper body and core work.  Another great total body workout.

Thursday - 5.0 miles easy to moderate - DID IT
49:00 - 9:47 pace 
+20 minute yoga for runners
This run was HARD.  My legs were sore from personal training the day before and I accidentally ate two pieces of cake for an afternoon snack, seriously people, stop bringing cake in for every occasion! But, I completed the run and even a little faster than I thought.  I read about on a blog during the workday so I downloaded the free 20 minute version of Yoga for Runners and stretched it out after my run.

Friday - REST - DID IT
Rested up for my morning run by cooking my brother and his roommate a salmon dinner.

Saturday -7.0 mile long run - DID IT
1:10:00 - 9:57 pace
My main goal was to stay at a 10 - 10:30 pace since that is what my plan is for the marathon.  I have a REALLY hard time staying slow in the beginning but I managed to find a good 10+ minute pace in the later half of the run and I completed the run with energy to spare.  I kept thinking that next week I have to run a new personal distance for me...14 MILES. 

Sunday -Yoga - REST
I spent a LONG day in the run Saturday afternoon on a boat with beer...enough said.  Instead I went to a 1st birthday party, shopping for my birthday outfit and grocery shopping.

I apologize for the lack of photos this week, my camera is STILL broken so I'm relying on my cell phone for now.  I'll leave you with pictures of the cutest 1 year old you'll ever see.  Happy Birthday Brecken!
Brecken wears leg warmers that his dad HATES!
He thought the Happy Birthday song was very entertaining!
Total Mileage: 22 miles
Total Strength Sessions: 1 personal training
Total Yoga: 1 Yoga for Runners

Marathon Training Week 5 - Say It Do It - August 1-7
It's my birthday week!  Plus I'm headed to visit family in upstate NY on Saturday for a whole week.  My main goal for the next two weeks is to just run 3 days a week and get my long run in.

Monday - 5.0 miles in the AM / Personal training in the PM
Tuesday - 5.0 mile run
Wednesday - 6.0 mile run with a new running buddy
Thursday - REST
Friday - 14.0 mile run <---Personal Distance Record right here!
Saturday - REST and travel to NY
Sunday - R&R with family

Question: How do you prioritize marathon training while traveling?  I am not looking forward to the heat and humidity of upstate NY and I've even considered going and getting a week membership at a local gym.


Raquelita said...

Nice job this week! I love those weeks when I get all my miles/runs in!

I often find it challenging to get my training runs in when I'm on the road I usually try to assume that I'll miss a run or two and if I can rearrange things so that I can get in my long run before I leave on a trip, I will.

Xaarlin said...

Great week of training!

I would suggest finding a running club where you are visiting so you can feel comfortable running in a new area. When I went to montreal, the hotel I stayed at had an in house runner so I went on a nice run with him and another person. It was nice to run with people in a new place.

Marathon Lar said...

Thanks for the tips...I like the running club idea! I'll actually have time to run so I would like to try and fit it in.

Heather Schwenk said...

Aww that was so sweet of you to give Brecken a shout out! It was so great to see you last weekend. Love those pictures, btw!

Anonymous said...
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