Sunday, July 3, 2011

OFFICIAL Marathon Training: Week 1 we go!  Although I've been in training mode for some time now and running races I haven't officially started a marathon training plan. That changes tomorrow!  Kath, Stace, and I embark on our 14 week journey to the Chicago marathon.  We are meeting for a 4.5 mile run around Greenlake and then meeting to discuss our training plan, set long runs so we can do them together and talk about how nervous we are to run for 4+ HOURS!

The training plan I'm going with is from Nike and was actually posted for last year's Chicago marathon.  I like that it is 4 days a week of running (5 is TOO MANY!) and I also like that the really long runs (14+) are separated by semi-long runs (6-9).   We are starting on week 4 from the beginner runner plan.

I'll attempt to post weekly recaps and goal's for the week ahead so you can all keep me motivated and don't be afraid to tell me I'm slackin!  Speaking of goals, my goals for the ENTIRE 14 weeks before the marathon are:
  • Never miss a long run
  • Strength train at least once/week, ideally twice
  • Run 3-4 times week
  • One yoga or long stretch session a week
  • ENJOY a rest day or two a week and really short runs or long legs need to REST
I'm also going to steal an idea from the Fit Chick in the City blog and implement a Say It Do It in my weekly posts.  Basically, it is just writing down your goals for the week to help you stay accountable.

Marathon Training Week 1 - Say It Do It - July 4-10

Monday - 4.5 miles easy pace with friends to kickoff marathon training
Tuesday - 6 mile run with 4x 30 second pickups
Wednesday - Strength training (Body Pump at gym or Jackie Warner DVD at home)
Thursday - 4.5 mile easy to moderate pace
Friday - REST or Morning yoga
Saturday - REST
Sunday - 6 miles marathon pace (thinking about 10:30)

Total mileage goal: 21

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend!  I'm off to go exercise these two critters, I'm watching my friends golden this weekend.  Toni and Stacey are BFFs!

QUESTION: Anyone else out there training for a fall marathon?  Any advice is WELCOME!


    ashley (redonk runner) said...

    Your goals for the training cycle sound perfect!! My big advice from my experience is NO serious walking the two days before the race. Look forward to your recaps! I'm either doing a late fall marathon in dec or waiting until march or April next year. I'm ready for some
    Half races! :)

    Marathon Lar said...

    Ashley...thanks for that tip, I hope I can stick to it...we are arriving in Chicago a few days before the race! I already told my friends we will be taking cabs and the bus everywhere...NO walking :)