Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ready for Ragnar!

I am consumed with Ragnar Relay coordination right now!  Being the team captain this year has actually been a lot of fun (knock on wood) and no one has backed out last minute...yet (again, knock on wood!).

My team, Casual Encounters, toes the line at the start at 8:15 at the U.S. Canadian border near Blaine, Washington.  If you have ever read craigslist Casual Encounters ads  then you would understand our team name.  And if you haven't you should go right now...but not at work...that might be inappropriate.  The whole relay is a bit like a casual encounter, never being in one place too long, meeting new people and then blowing past them on the road, and getting closer than you ever thought to your 6 van mates but then saying goodbye and possibly never seeing any of them again...or until next years race!

I am runner number 2 and will be running 6.4, 3.5 and 3.1 mile legs for a total of 13 miles.  I'll leave you with this hilarious and motivational video from last years Northwest Passage race.

QUESTION: Have you ever done or have plans for doing a relay? This is my 3rd year running the Ragnar Relay and unless you have done a relay I can't really describe what an AMAZING experience it is. But I will try in my race recaps next week :)


Tall Mom said...

This is AWESOME!! I loved the video, hope you have a BLAST!! I was going to run Ragnar but got on the Hood to Coast team. I will be stalking your recap for ADVICE as I have never run a relay and I have 19.78 miles in 2 days. GASP!!

Marathon Lar said...

Recaps will come before Hood to Coast...I can promise that! We finished in 27 hours and it was a BLAST! I'm going to bed for 15-20 hours now :)