Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 2 - Marathon Trainin Recap

I don't have anything too revolutionary to say about week 2 of marathon training other than, I did it.  I was SUPER busy after work all week so while I got the miles in (for the most part) I was pretty exhausted all week.  Next week doesn't look any less busy but I'm still hoping to get all my runs in.

Monday - 4.5 miles easy - DID IT
44:30 - 9:53 pace
Ran with my good friend Carol on a sweaty afternoon.  Luckily, we had a nice drizzle to cool us off half way through and I even discovered a new 4.5 miler by my house that includes my favorite park and a couple of hills to get the heart rate up.  Finished the night with a salmon dinner, ice cream with fresh strawberries and The Bachelorette!

Tuesday - 6 miles with 4x2 minute intervals - DID IT
1:02:00 - 10:20 pace
Overall pace was S-L-O-W.  Running Kirkland is HILLY.  The first mile was almost all uphill and the last mile was all uphill.  This run was very challenging in a good way and doing the 2 minute pickups was actually fun and refreshing change to running as slow as a sloth. I did the pickups at a 9:00/mile pace.  I felt pretty accomplished after this run and that always makes me feel good.

Wednesday - Personal training session - DID IT
This was my first week starting personal training with Sara, my old boot camp instructor.  She kicked my A$$!  She definitely knows how far to push me and I woke up the next day sore everywhere, but a good kind of sore, not the I can't walk straight for 3 days kind.  It went something like this:
  • 20 lunges on one leg (switch leg each time around)
  • 20 pushups (switch between wide, regular and tricep)
  • 20 double crunches
  • Run up a hill
  • 20 mountain climbers or sumo squats
REPEAT 6 times!  I honestly felt like I might throw up twice during that circuit...again in a good way :)

But the circuits were not over next up:
  • 20 side lunches with 20lbs of weight
  • 20 plank rows with 10lb weights
  • 20 shoulder raises with 5lb weights
  • Speed skater down a concrete patch and backwards shuffle back
REPEAT 3 times!  My shoulders were on FIRE and when I went shopping yesterday I had a hard time looking through clothing racks, it was a sad!

Then just to make sure my legs got worked out enough she strapped one of those bands around my ankles and I walked across the concrete pad back and forth.  Finally it was stretching time and then I walked home...VERY slowly! 

Thursday - 4.5 easy to moderate - REST
I was VERY sore from personal training on Wednesday plus my mom was in town so we went shopping instead, it was a good decision!

Friday - REST - 2.0 mile walk
Took the pup for a walk around the park with my mom.

Saturday - 3.55 mile Warrior Dash - DID IT!
Look for a race recap soon, but here are some pics to get you excited.  Overall, it was pretty fun, but kind of cold and raining the whole morning.  You didn't get really muddy until right before the finish line and all the other obstacles weren't too challenging.
Brittany and Stu sharing an after race turkey leg, now that is LOVE!

The ladies after the mud and freezing shower from a fire hose...BRRR!!
Sunday - 10 mile long run - DID IT
1:42:53 - 10:19/mile
Completed this run outside with Stacey and it rained the WHOLE time.  Since we ran in the rain and mud the day before in fields we felt pretty good to be running on non-muddy pavement, so we didn't complain.  The goal was to keep a 10:30 pace for most of the run to try and simulate what the marathon might be like.  I felt strong the entire run and we kept up conversation for most of the run.

Total Miles: 24.05
Total Strength Sessions: 1 personal training
Total Yoga: NONE.  I really need to change this because I always feel amazing after a good long stretch session.

Marathon Training Week 3 - Say It Do It - July 18-24
I'm pretty much throwing the official training program out the window this week because I'm running the Ragnar Relay Friday-Saturday where I'll be running 13 miles over a 24 hour period.  I want my legs to be nice and fresh for this race so I'm taking it easy in the beginning of the week.

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4.5 miles easy to moderate
Wednesday - Personal training
Thursday - REST
Friday/Saturday - Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.  I'm runner number 2 and cover a total of 13 miles
Sunday - Yoga

Question: To all those marathoners out there, how do you deal with the guilt of not following a training program to a T, or do you let yourself cheat every once in a while without regret? 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took so long to get back to yours. Good luck at the Chicago Marathon!

Photina {from My Running Tales}

Leslee said...

I love this recap - The layout is super and I just might have to borrow it!

Although I am not a marathoner, with my training schedules for my halfs I stay fairly true to it. If I do miss a session I don't beat myself up over it. But I do tell myself that this will not continue...