Monday, February 27, 2012

Are you a Cheetah or a Lion?

Okay, readers, get ready for some for some of the cheesiest motivation you'll ever hear.  I went to a spin class on Saturday and the instructor is always throwing out motivational one liners and trying to pump us up...which I secretly love.  We were about to start our last work track for the class and it was all about Africa.  The song was super weird and I tried to find it on YouTube but couldn't...but trust me it was weird!  But the weirdness of the song isn't the point...before the song came on the instructor told us to decide if we would be a cheetah or a lion for the 7 minute song.  We could either by a little slower but stronger like a lion or super fast like a cheetah.  I actually pondered it for a second deciding if I wanted to bike super fast and have my heart pound out of my chest or go a little slower and stronger and feel like my legs were going to fall off...I decided to go the way of the cheetah.
Are you ready for the cheese?  As the song was starting and the instructor was telling us to choose our animal for our song he said:

"If you are going to be a cheetah don't CHEAT" and
"If you are going to be a lion don't LIE"

I honestly couldn't contain my laughter, but luckily I was in the back row so I don't think he heard me.  He even admitted that it was super cheesy but it actually kind of makes sense.  He was basically saying that no matter what you do don't cheat yourself or lie to yourself.  No one is going to really know how hard you are working out and only YOU can go as fast as a cheetah or as strong as a lion.  I think this makes sense for any fitness related goals you may have and probably tons of other life goals, but I'm not getting THAT deep.  It's up to you to run a little harder, a little farther, lift a little more weight, hold that plank a few seconds etc etc etc. 

Are you all inspired to workout as hard as a cheetah or lion today? :)

And now for the boring what I did last week stuff that is really just so I have a place to look back at all my workouts since I can't seem to keep any sort of workout journal for longer than one week!  Like I said last week I didn't have a real plan for working out, just sort of went with how I was feeling and I still did pretty well.

February 20-26, 2012
Monday: Chest & Tricep weights + bike for cardio
Tuesday: Back & Biceps + elliptical cardio
Wednesday: 4.9 mile run with Carol outdoors
Thursday: REST day - I even had my gym clothes on and everything but couldn't get myself out the door
Friday: Shoulders and 3.0 mile treadmill run
Saturday: Spin class plus BodyFlow class - great combo!
Sunday: 6.0 mile run with the pup outside followed by many glasses of champagne and appetizers while Oscar watching

I hit all my goals for the week minus lifting weights for my leg region of my body but my legs were pretty sore from the 15K plus hike the previous weekend so I called that my strength for my legs. 

I would like her arms please (source)
not her arms...too skinny! (source)

This week I plan on doing more of the same just going with the flow but I'm going to attempt to follow another one of Jamie Eason's strength routines just to change it up and try to run 3 times.  I need to start channeling my inner Lion for runs for a while since the Mercer Island Half Marathon isn't exactly flat and I haven't been doing too many hills lately...

Question: Are you a lion or a cheetah?  Have you heard any insanely cheesy motivational lines lately that you actually secretly love?
Do you think Stacey looks more like a lion or a cheetah? :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Race Recap: Magnuson Park 15K

I'm the worst blogger in the world...I didn't take one picture during the race on Saturday, so you'll have to rely on my words to get a good picture. On Saturday, February 18 I ran my first 15K as part of the Magnuson Park Race Series.  I've lived across the street from this part for over 2 years and have never run a race in it until Saturday.
But I did steal this picture from the interweb
I honestly didn't really prepare for this race at all and just had every intention of treating is as a long run in prep for my March half marathon.  I went out on Friday evening, had a couple drinks, and didn't get to sleep early.  But the 10AM race start allowed me to sleep in and still have a good pre-race breakfast.  My friend Carol and I hopped in the car and drove the .5 miles to the start to pick up our bib and race back into the car until the race start.  The weather was horrible!  It was cold and VERY windy and looked like it would downpour at any moment, but thank goodness it didn't!

The race consisted of a 5K loop that we would have to run 3 times.  I was a little nervous about it being boring and wanting to end after 1 or 2 laps but surprisingly it didn't happen.  The loop was pretty scenic and wound you through the entire park...through playfields, wetlands, and along the water. I went ankle deep in a puddle on the first lap so I ran with the extra weight of wet shoes and socks for the remainder of the race...awesome!  Carol kept me moving pretty fast and by the 3rd lap I gave her the go ahead to sprint ahead of me.  I honestly had no idea how fast I was running because I forgot to charge my Garmin so I just ran by feeling.

I crossed the finish line in 1:22:47 with a pace a little under 9:00/mile.  

And...wait for it...that placed me as the 4th female in the 15K and Carol got 2nd!  Let's focus on that fun fact instead of the fact that there were only 16 females running the 15K, ok?
Disclaimer: When we took these photos we didn't really know what place we got so I have multiple photos holding up different numbers :)
Carol finished in 1:20:52!
Now, I know I've been running faster lately but I'm having a really hard time believing I ran that fast, I definitely didn't feel that fast.  I'm tempted to go out and run the course this week to see if it's actually a 5K loop, but maybe I should just take the time and be happy and tell myself that a sub 2 hour half is really possible!

Post race consisted of a HOT latte and scone from the bakery near my place.  Then I took an amazing hot bath and an even more amazing nap.  So much for a nice slow long run ;).

The rest of last week looked like this:

February 13-19, 2012

Monday: Chest & Triceps + 3 mile treadmill run - CHECK, did 3.5 mile speedwork session on the treadmill
Tuesday: Legs - CHECK
Wednesday: Back & Biceps in the AM, run with Carol in the PM - Run didn't happen but spent 30 minutes on the elliptical after the back/bicep workout
Thursday: Shoulders & Abs + cardio maybe - CHECK, ran 3 miles on the tready
Friday: Legs - REST - given my race the next day I figured it wouldn't be smart to lift on my already sore legs
Saturday: 15K race - but try try try to keep it slow for a long run - oops on trying to keep it slow!
Sunday: REST! - Yoga in the AM, hike up a mountain in the PM
Despite hiking up a mountain, Stacey still wasn't tired enough to cooperate in the photo
I'm planning on just doing whatever feels good this week for exercise with the only goal of weight training each body part once and running three times so I'm not going to make a schedule for myself for this week.

Question: Is there a new distance you've been wanting to race?  The 15K was a lot of fun and I think I'll run some more :).  Plus, honestly anything less than 26.2 is pretty awesome to me right now!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Gym People Edition

Before I update: I added this fancy comment program on my blog (thanks to Ricole!) so I can reply directly on the blog now in a thread like format but it deleted comments from all my other posts!!  I'm too lazy to figure out why or how to fix that so sorry if you commented on previous posts...the comments are still visible to be on the back end but not to you...oops. Now back to regularly scheduled blog...

Hey all you gym rats out there, you know you love people watching just as much as me while at the gym right...??  Since incorporating strength training into my routine I'm in the gym more days a week than not these days and it has afforded me the opportunity to observe other gym goers for more hours than I probably should admit.

I should add a disclaimer before I stereotype gym people that I'm sure people stereotype me at the gym as well.  I don't know what they are saying but it might have something to do with the fact that I wear Nike workout clothes head to toe every single time I'm in the gym (note: 90% of that Nike stuff was bought on MAJOR sale!).

Here are my 3 favorite gym people, in no order of importance:

1. Cardio queen - we all know this one and in fact we've probably all been it from time to time.  I should add that there are different types of cardio queens.  At my gym there are three that come to mind:
  • Doesn't break a bead of sweat lady - There is one lady that shows up at the gym always on her cell phone and decked out in workout pants, a long sleeve top, and a puffy winter vest.  She doesn't take off any of these pieces of clothing and goes on the elliptical where she pedals away holding 2 pound weights.  But who am I to judge, at least she is MOVIN
  • Cardio machine queen - Another lady that peaks my interest is one that moves from machine to machine to machine to machine for usually the entire time I'm at the gym (about 1.5 hours).  She must be doing something right because she is actually in pretty good shape.
  • The lonely runner - This lady comes to the gym every single night and just runs on the treadmill, no incline, no pace change and barely any sweat pours from her head.  The runner in me really wants to scream at her to change up her routine and she might have some fun and improvement, but again, who am I to judge.

2. Tries to lift WAY too heavy guy - I'm not sure if guys are doing this to impress the ladies or trying to see how much they can lift before they die but it make me laugh every time!  It's one thing if you are trying a challenging weight for the first time and can bust out a couple reps before almost dying, but when you pick up the 100lb dumbbell and can barely carry it to the bench before realizing you can't, in fact, bicep curl that might be trying to life WAY too heavy :).  I'm pretty sure one guy was trying to impress me one time while I was doing lunges because he came up right in front of me and grabbed a heavy barbell and did bicep curls, in an otherwise very empty gym.

3.The chatter - You know that one guy who knows EVERYONE at the gym and has 10+ minute conversations with each of them.  Luckily, this person at my gym has not introduced himself to me yet.  If this person wasn't in visibly awesome shape I would be certain he actually doesn't lift a finger the entire time he is at the gym.  I don't mind this person, except when they are having that 10+ minute conversation while hogging a machine I want to use.

I have NOTHING against any of these people and, in fact, they provide entertainment for me between sets or when I'm logging miles as the cardio queen.

Question: Do you identify with any of these types?  Do you have "runner" types that you see out on the road?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Make me run ok?

Hey runners out there...can you help me find my old obsessed with running self?  I wouldn't normally be to interested in finding her right now, except I have a half marathon coming up and I would like to race it as hard as I can.  I've been enjoying weight lifting, spinning and yoga a lot lately, which definitely has me questioning whether I'll be signing up for any more running races, but for now...I need to run!

I know I could go out and run a half marathon tomorrow, but I know it wouldn't be pretty and I would probably be recovering for a month.  I didn't get to my long run last week...oppsie!...but I'll blame in on getting a little cold and being more motivated by a spin class and yoga, I think that is an acceptable alternative.

BUT this week, I NEED to run at least a 9 miler so I'm signing up for a 15K in the park across the street from me.  Even though I could go run 9 miles in that park any day I want, I'm pretty sure spending the $22 bucks will actually get me there and running.

Okay, thanks for the is an interval run I did last week on the treadmill based on a recent workout by Carrots 'n' Cake.  Tina has been posting some awesome treadmill workouts lately, so I don't have to be creative on my own anymore...thanks!

3 miler with .75 mile 
0.0-0.5 mi 6.0 mph
0.5-1.25 mi 7.0 mph (interval 1)
1.25-1.50 mi 4.0 mph (break)
1.50-2.25 mi 7.0 mph (interval 2)
2.25-2.50 mi 4.0 mph (break)
2.50-2.75 mi 6.0 mph
2.75-3.00 mi 7.5 mph (mostly because I wanted the run to be over with!)

Tina's workout had 3 intervals but I needed to be done at 3 miles so I cut it short.  7.0 is becoming a semi manageable speed for me on the treadmill so I might try 1 mile at that speed next week.

Despite not doing a long run I did pretty good last week:

February 6-12, 2012

Monday: Chest & Tricep + some light cardio - CHECK to the weights
Tuesday: Back & Bicep + interval run, might try this one - CHECK (see above run)
Wednesday: Run with Carol - CHECK - 6.0 miles around a 9:00 pace
Thursday: Legs & Calves - CHECK
Friday: Shoulders & Abs + run of some sort - REST day home sick :(
Saturday: Long run with Sonia - Shoulders & Abs + spinning class to work the sick out
Sunday:Yoga or rest...I really should take a rest day but the yoga class is pretty gentle so that is rest right? -!

And here is my back to running week plan!  Still only shooting for 3 runs a week, but if I feel like a 4th I'll indulge...

February 13-19, 2012

Monday: Chest & Triceps + 3 mile treadmill run
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Back & Biceps in the AM, run with Carol in the PM
Thursday: Shoulders & Abs + cardio maybe
Friday: Legs
Saturday: 15K race - but try try try to keep it slow for a long run
Sunday: REST!

Sorry for the super boring no photos post!  In other news, I lost my iPod!!  I honestly have no idea what I'll do at the gym now to entertain myself :(.

Question: How do you entertain/motivate yourself during a run or workout without music?  I suppose I'll just have to resort to starring at other people working out...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Music to Pump You UP!

Three songs that I'm currently obsessed with and will repeat over and over and over again on my iPod, especially while doing intervals on the treadmill.

1. Wild Ones - Flo Rida featuring Sia
Disclaimer: I am not a wild one and I don't ever intend on taking someone home for a "home run" after shutting down a club, but I just love the beat of this song!!

Are you always surprised by what lyrics are to your favorite songs after you actually read them?

2. Not Over You - Gavin Degraw
Let me state for the record I started following Gavin Degraw after the first episode of One Tree Hill (before he became mainstream) when his song was the intro song and I've loved him ever since.  I bought this whole album (Sweeter) and it's all pretty darn good!  I should also state that I'm not trying to get over anyone right now, but again I just LOVE his voice and the melody in this song.

Plus he is pretty cute!

3. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
Okay, now this song I can relate to the lyrics and really try to take them in while pounding out that last interval on the treadmill that I think will kill will only make me stronger, because Kelly said so!

Question: What song are you currently pressing replay x1000 to work out to?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring, is that you?

Holy amazing weather Seattle has been having these past few days.  Super sunny skies, temps in the mid 50's to 60 in some places!  I even opened my sunroof in my car and the windows in my house for a little while.  And like any good Seattleite I went out on the first sunny day to buy a new pair of sunglasses!

My run on Friday was in capris and a t-shirt and I actually got a little too warm.  Stacey and I headed out for a leisurely jog with no goal in mind that included a stop at the lake to get a drink...for the dog...not me :).
Amazing...Mt. Rainier in the background
Speaking of runs, let's talk about my interval workout I did on Monday, it was a sweaty mess but a great challenge.  I decided since I proved to myself I can run a full 7 miles around a 9:00 pace I should be upping my interval speeds so I did just that.

3 mile interval workout
.5 mile warmup
.25 interval at 7.0 mph (8:34 pace)
.25 slow jog
.5 interval at 7.0
.25 slow jog
.5 interval at 7.0
.25 slow jog
.25 interval at 7.0
.25 slow jog cool down

You should try this one, times goes by lightening fast.

I actually didn't get a long run in last week but that's ok, I'm more motivated to run fast right now so I'm going to just roll with that.  As long as I get a couple longerish runs in before the Mercer Half I'll feel confident I can finish 13.1 miles strong.  

Let's recap last week's workouts:

January 30-February 5, 2012

Monday: Chest & Tricep + 3 mile interval run above - CHECK
Tuesday: Back & Bicep + some sort of cardio - CHECK
Wednesday: Run with Carol - time didn't allow for 6+ so we did a fast 5 instead
Thursday: Legs & Calves - CHECK...knee felt good!
Friday: Shoulders & Abs + 3-4 easy miles of runnin - Just did the run
Saturday: REST - CHECK
Sunday: GO TO YOGA! and Shoulders & Abs - managed the shoulders portion of this workout before going to yoga.  I've never taken the Sunday yoga class but OMG...the teacher is amazing and it was just what my body needed.  I'll be making this a weekly occurrence whenever I can or as the teacher calls it "yoga church".

I feel like I'm starting to get sick so there might end up being lots of lines crossed out of these workouts but I'm trying to fight it!

February 6-12, 2012

Monday: Chest & Tricep + some light cardio
Tuesday: Back & Bicep + interval run, might try this one
Wednesday: Run with Carol
Thursday: Legs & Calves
Friday: Shoulders & Abs + run of some sort
Saturday: Long run with Sonia
Sunday:Yoga or rest...I really should take a rest day but the yoga class is pretty gentle so that is rest right?

And for a couple of totally non-running related things:

3-week old sea otter at the Seattle Aquarium!

Funniest Superbowl commercial...I'm such a sucker for those M's! 

Question: Do you take your rest days seriously? If I'm busy doing other things it's always easy for me to take a rest day but when I have time I like to do some sort of I crazy?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Recipe Edition

I've been making a pretty big effort to cook more at home and make recipes that I find online or come up with in my head.  I thought these were worth sharing and you should make them all this week!

1. Lemon Sugar Roasted Chicken by Can You Stay for Dinner?:
I've probably read and heard a million chefs say that you can't get the most delicious moist chicken breast without cooking it with the skin and bone on so I decided to finally try it.  I bought one chicken breast at Whole Foods and followed the recipe above but cut the ingredients for the "sauce" in half.  I just put veggies I had around the chicken (brussel sprouts and sweet potato) and baked as directed.  It was FANTASTIC!  The bite of the lemon juice with the sweetness of the sugar was really delightful.  The sauce ran over into the veggies creating a lemony sauce for them as well.  If you are really watching your diet just remove the skin before eating...I may have removed the skin but it went right into my part!  I imagine you could do a whole chicken this way...that will be my next chicken adventure.

2. Roasted Vegetables with a Maple Mustard Dressing:
I mostly made this recipe up with the help of a recipe from a cooking class I took last year.  I think it would work with lots of vegetables but I had brussel sprouts and butternut squash so I roasted those with some olive oil, salt and pepper and then made the following dressing that is just a tablespoon of everything:

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
1 tablespoon grainy mustard
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Whisk it up and pour over cooked veggies.  I actually don't even like mustard but I LOVE this idea why.

3. And for dessert we have Four-Minute Coconut Macaroons by Chocolate Covered Katie:
This girl has some seriously good and good for you desserts on her blog and the best thing about them is they usually make a really really small amount...perfect for someone like me who will just devour any sweet in front of me no matter how many of them there are.  These were ridiculously easy to make and I didn't even drizzle them with chocolate, although I will next time! She has tons of recipes that make single servings so when a craving hits you know where to go.
Worst picture ever but just wanted to show what they should look like coming out of the oven...specks of brown on top...gooey delicious inside!
Question: Did you make anything from one of your favorite bloggers this week?