Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 1 - Marathon Trainin Recap

Week 1 = DONE.  Only 13 to go, that doesn't seem so least not yet anyways.  Here is the rundown:

Monday - 4.5 miles easy - DID IT
Didn't wear a watch, just out for a fun run
Since this was the kickoff to marathon training, I probably had the most motivation I'll ever have to complete a run :)!  I met up with Kath, Kelly, and EY to do the Greenlake loop with an added bonus around the Woodland Park Zoo.  We all took it at a leisurely chat worthy pace before trucking it up a giant hill to reach the zoo.  Although, this part of the run wasn't exactly easy I really enjoyed the challenge of it and realized I should probably incorporate some more hills into my running.  We finished with a nice walk and some self service frozen yogurt from a new place on Greenlake, Zoe

Tuesday - 6.0 miles with 4 x 30 second pickups - 5.0 miles + 1 mile walking
I was so mad at the treadmill I didn't record my time
It was H-O-T in Seattle on Tuesday and by hot I mean 80 degrees. I realize this is nothing compared to what most of the country is dealing with but when you run in 40-60 degree weather for most of the year, 80 is hard to adjust to.  And since I'm a baby when running in the heat I took it indoors to my new gym that has amazing air conditioning.  I ran on a treadmill that was looking over Lake Washington so it was like I was outside.  5 miles was all I could take and decided to walk the last mile to finish the Sex and the City episode I was watching.

Wednesday - Strength Training - Walk with dog plus rest
I was actually still semi-sore from the Jackie Warner DVD I did on Sunday, plus I woke up with a major kink in my neck this morning so I decided to take it easy and just take the dog for a nice walk.
You know it's a nice day when the mountain is out!

Thursday - 4.5 miles easy - DID IT
44:30 - 9:43 pace
Nice outdoor run after work with the pup.  Found a good loop around my place that is 4.5 miles so I'm sure I'll be doing that one a lot since 4.5 miler seem to be popular in the marathon plan I'm using.

Friday - Rest or morning yoga - 40 minute power circuit DVD
Did my favorite Jackie Warner DVD before hoping on the train for Portland.

Saturday - REST- DID IT
And boy did I REST.  90 minute massage + manicure + pedicure = relaxation heaven.

Sunday - 6 miles marathon pace - DID IT
1:00:30 - 10:00 pace
I had every attempt of trying to run this slowly like I'm supposed to but I didn't and I paid for it after mile 2.  It was hot out and I was not properly fueled for a longer, warmer run after all the fried/fatty foods and beer I had over the weekend.  Took off WAY too fast and had to take some walk breaks toward the end.
Before the 6 miler...I look tired and I haven't even ran yet!

Total Miles: 21
Total Strength Sessions: 1
Total Yoga: none - but I did stretch at least 10 minutes almost every day and I figure the 90 minute massage is just as good...right?

Marathon Training Week 2 - Say It Do It - July 11-17
Monday - 4.5 miles easy
Tuesday - 6 miles with intervals with Kath (4x2 minutes + 2 minutes easy)
Wednesday - Personal training strength session
Thursday - 4.5 easy to moderate
Friday - REST
Saturday - Warrior Dash which I have NO IDEA what I'm in for but I know it includes 3.5 miles of running and a bunch of crazy obstacles...scary!
Sunday - 10 mile long run - try to actually maintain a 10:00-10:30/mile for the entire run.

Total mileage: 25 + Warrior Dash which I'm not sure to include since I've heard there is a lot of hurry up and waiting at the obstacles

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Question: Can you run in the heat?  Any advice?

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ashley said...

looks like you did a great job staying on track with your training schedule! i am pretty good at running in the heat but that's because it's HOT here LOL. it takes a good 2-3 weeks of crappy runs to adjust, so i don't know what to tell you since you probably never have 2-3 weeks straight of hotness. i recommend early or late runs.