Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Things Friday: Instagram Me!

This was supposed to be my semi-usual Three Things Thursday but life got in the way and now you get five things instead of are lucky!

I know I'm about million years behind the Instagram trend but I finally hopped on the train and it's a lot of fun!  To my credit I don't own an iPhone (the horror I know!) so I had to wait for an Android version...excuses excuses.  I've always complained how the camera on my phone kind of sucks and Instagram is the perfect way to make my pictures look not so sucky...thanks filters!  SIDENOTE: Why isn't Instagram in the dictionary yet?  My spell checker does not like it one bit!

Enough rambling, here are three things I've done in the past week captured on Instagram!

1. Pretty lights! 

After all the Girls on the Run craziness on Saturday I met some fun gal pals out for an earlyish dinner in Ballard.  We started at the Sexton with drinks and sweet potato fries.  If you live in Seattle, go to the Sexton...great drinks, yummy food, cool and casual atmosphere.  I need to go back and try the Sexton Mac, looks amazing.

2. Go Mariners!

No big deal, I'm in the dugout at Safeco Field.  I got the opportunity to help out with Weather Education Day before a Mariners day game and we got do a little presentation right on the field to over 4000 students. It was pretty awesome and the players came out on the field to warm up as we were finishing  When did I get so old and the professional baseball players get so young?  I felt slightly cougarish starring at them ;).

3. I'm Picky!

Picky for Picky Bars that is.  This awesome bar is so delicious and pretty much meets all my bar requirements.  No nuts or peanuts, no added sugar, around 7 grams of protein and under 200 calories.  Plus they were created by superstar runner Lauren Fleshman and other awesome ladies.  I joined their club so I'll get a monthly shipment of deliciousness delivered right to my door.  Go buy a three pack and try them today!
for real, the shirt smells amazing!
4. Nuun Goodies!
Nuun actually gave me another water bottle and a 4th tube of the good stuff but it was in my purse and at work 10 seconds after I opened the package, you never know when a dehydration emergency might strike!
The day after I received my package from Picky Bars I got a UPS delivery from Nuun.  They claim it was a consolation prize for not getting picked for Hood to Coast but of course that is so unnecessary since I'm running Ragnar with them...but I'll take the gift anyways ;).  I'll be sharing the love soon with a Nuun giveaway so stay tuned!

5. This is How We Walk!

This is pretty much my view on every Stacey walk or run.  She stretches out as far as possible in front of me, ears back and on a mission.  I'm not sure what that mission is but I know it has something to do with sniffing and eating grass, catching the scent of a squirrel, or possibly maintaining her physical fitness.

In running/exercise news, I know I've been slacking big time on making goals/plans and putting them out here for all to enjoy and I intend on getting back to that really soon because I need the motivation from you all and the accountability posting it online gives me.  Plus I just realized only ONE month until the Rock and Roll Seattle half marathon and TWO months until Ragnar with NUUN!

Question: Do you Instagram? Do you have a favorite image filter?  

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Ricole Runs said...

That is AWESOME you got to speak on safeco!!! So jealous. How did that Thursday night Gotr thing go?! What Ragnar leg are you doing? What are you doing this weekend?! :-)