Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Vancouver Edition

So, you all know I was in Vancouver last weekend and had a BLAST, but what the heck did I do that I enjoyed so much.  Here is Three Things Thursday, Vancouver edition.

1. Capilano Suspension Bridge
We drove straight to this bridge from Seattle to get our "exercise" in for the day.  I honestly had no idea what this park was or how big it was but I was pretty disappointed at it's size, especially for the hefty $35 admission.  We joked the whole time about what things were worth and came up with about a $20 price tag for the whole thing.  We did really enjoy it and felt like we did something everyone who visits Vancouver should do.
After the bridge adventure we checked into the Empire Landmark Hotel which was the cheapest I could find for a marathon weekend.  While it was super old with popcorn ceilings and dated furniture it was really clean and look at this VIEW from our balcony!

it's always nice to travel with a photographer...thanks Kristina!
2. Granville Island
After lunch we walked to a water taxi that took us to the insanely adorable Granville Island.  Someone should have told us it was a GIANT farmers market before we ate lunch at a restaurant beforehand.  All the food looked incredibly fresh and people were walking around with fresh crawdads everywhere!

3. Gastown
A foodie (also the photographer) in our group did tons of research before we took this trip and found some amazing places to eat and drink the night away.  Most of them were centered in Gastown so away we went.  We started at Boneta for a cocktail.  The food looked amazing there but we didn't partake.
Group shot!
Next we walked pretty much next door to Salt.  It is a tasting room where you pair meats with cheeses and whatever you drink.  We left it up to the bartender to give us a tasting plate and not surprisingly everything was amazing.  I think this would such a fun idea for a dinner party sometime!

The Comte cheese with Quince paste was my favorite!
By recommendation from our bartender at Salt we made our way over to the Diamond Club. They are so secretive their website isn't even up and running.  We spend the majority of our evening here because after one drink the bartender escorted us into this super secret speakeasy in the back of the restaurant.  When I say super secret I mean like behind a black curtain and a locked door kind of secret...I'm sure I'll be hunted down and killed for just telling you all about it.  No pics allowed in there but we enjoyed a couple complimentary shots and the french bartender made the best drink I've ever idea what was in it!

I would say we took in most of what Vancouver had to offer in the 24 hours were there and I will definitely be back!

Question: What's everyone up to this weekend?  I'm taking the train to Portland for a concert and time with a good friend and it's going to be over 80!!

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Ricole Runs said...

Salt sounds AMAZING and I want to go to a super secret speak easy!!! That sounds like the most awesome thing ever. What's the next trip you have planned?