Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Trail Spotting

Yesterday I busted out my long run for the week, after a looonnnggg day at work...I'm so proud of myself.  That and the fact that I announced I would be running 9 miles on this blog provided about 75% of the motivation I needed to get out the door.  I headed out on the Burke Gilman trail right behind my place for a 4.5 mile out and back.  I've put in a LOT of miles on the BG trail, especially during marathon training, but the people watching last night was some of the weirdest I've ever seen.

Along with the approximately 1,000+ bikers commuting on the bike superhighway I saw the following:

1. Cross country skate man:

This guy obviously doesn't let the fact that it's not winter get in the way of his cross country skiing.  He was wearing these crazy looking skates, that sort of look like the above, complete with poles to move him along.  It actually looked like a pretty good workout and I saw him again on my way back...made me smile each time.

2. Big man on a little scooter:
like THIS little
And when I say I saw a big man I mean like biggest muscle man you can imagine big.  He was scooting by in this teeny tiny scooter all while wearing a very right wrestling singlet...seriously!  I tried google searching "muscle man in singlet" but this blog isn't rated R :).

3. SUPER scary hooded man:
it was actually about 100x more scarier than this
Then there was this dude wearing a red full face hooded mask thing.  It didn't really look like the above but more like a red KKK hood.  He was wearing totally normal clothes otherwise and after the shooting rampage in Seattle yesterday I was actually pretty scared....I'm pretty sure I upped my pace to about a 7:00 mile to pass him.

Question: What is the weirdest/scariest thing you have ever seen on a run?  

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