Monday, May 7, 2012

The Week I Ran a Marathon

Holy moly...3000 calories burned, no wonder I was a hungry beast all week!
You know literally the whole week it took me to run a marathon.  I can honestly say I don't know that I've ever run 5 days in a row before IN MY LIFE.  I'm not really a run every day kind of gal and even when I was marathon training I only capped out at 4 days a week.  So, running 5 days in a row was a big test for my tired legs, especially since my weekly mileage was pretty pathetic lately.

I would say it was a smashing success.  I had to squeeze some runs into pretty short time spans in order to accommodate my social life, but I proved that you can ALWAYS make time for running or any physical activity if you put your mind to it.

Monday - 8 miles - 1:15:00 - 9:24 pace
I would say I'm most proud of this run.  I don't normally have any motivation to run more than 6 miles after a long work day but I didn't have any plans for the evening so I had time.  I set out without any fuel or water and ended up being able to take advantage of a couple of park water fountains.

Tuesday - 4 miles - 38:00 - 9:35 pace
Took my pup on this run and it made me sad when half way through she was already lagging behind and forcing me to slow my roll.  She is almost 10 now and being a herding breed is used to being SUPER active.  Watching her get old is hard...why can't dogs live as long as people??
Approximately 5 seconds after we got home from the run
Wednesday - 6.2 miles - 57:00- 9:11 pace
I literally rushed home from training downtown cursing traffic the whole way, switched into my running clothes and hit the road.  I knew I had to get those .2 miles done sometime so I put them at the end of this run. After showering I hit up a Girls on the Run meeting - 5K is almost here, have you signed up to run or volunteer yet?

Thursday - 5.0 miles - 47:00 - 9:26 pace
I completed this run on the treadmill since it was POURING outside.  I may be hardcore about getting my miles in for the week but I'm a self proclaimed weather baby.  Luckily, I had Food Network Chopped to keep me company for the whole run.  I also realized after this run I only had 3 SHORT miles to 26.2.

Friday - 3.0 miles - 29:00 - 9:39 pace
This run was HARD.  It was at 5:45 in the morning so I'm sure that had something to do with it, but I struggled the whole time.  Also done on the gym treadmill I just told myself it would be over in no time and to just bust it out, which is exactly what I did.

And just like that BAM...26.2 done!  And the I rested and boy did I rest!  Mariner game, Vancouver trip with some awesome lady friends and watching other people run 13.1 or 26.2 miles at the Vancouver marathon.

Look what I did with Picasa! A collage of our Capilano Bridge visit.
Watching the tiny runners from our hotel balcony.
No workout plan for this week, I'm trying to come up with some sort of hybrid Rock and Roll half / Ragnar Relay plan to get on paper.  Since I'm now considered a serious runner after being asked by Nuun to run on their Ragnar team I need to make a plan and stick to it!

Question: What fun thing did you do this past weekend?

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Ricole Runs said...

You're my hero! Way to dominate your week long marathon! And I know that bridge! ;-) tell us more about your trip!