Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Becoming a Weather Wimp

It's true, I've become a weather wimp.  Since I've been doing much more weight lifting that requires me to go to the gym I figure I might as well just stay there and run on the treadmill right? No use having to change into a totally new outfit and brave the elements to run outside after the gym is my thinking.  Well, when it came to do my long run last weekend that I told myself "NO EXCUSES" on, there was still snow and slush all over the sidewalks so I braved the treadmill for the 6 miles I had planned.  I have no idea how people like Christy and Christine run in sub zero temps all the time.  But I survived the treadmill and I kind of like it!  I copied a 6 mile treadmill workout from Tina over at Carrots 'N Cake to try and switch it up so I didn't die of boredom.  I'm not as speedy as Tina so my workout looked like this:  

6 miler 800's and 400's Workout

6.7 mph is a little under a 9:00 pace which is my goal for the half marathon so it's the perfect interval speed for me.  I was a sweaty sweat mess after this workout and while I was walking to the locker room I noticed a couple people sort of staring me down.  When I finally looked at myself in the mirror my face was BRIGHT red, they probably thought I was about to pass out!  I completed this workout in just under an hour.

I altered my weekly plan last week since my knee is still bothering me a little and I didn't think it would be a great idea to do the leg workout so it looked like this instead:

January 16-21, 2012
Monday: Back, Abs and Cardio (cardio = 4.0 3.0 mile run on treadmill)
Tuesday: Legs Chest, Calves and Cardio (cardio = 45 minutes on elliptical)
Wednesday: Chest, Calves and Cardio Arms, Abs and Cardio (cardio = 3.8 mile run on treadmill)
Thursday: Arms, Abs and Cardio Shoulder and Cardio (cardio = 45 minutes elliptical)
Friday: REST - I'm hosting a dinner party that evening and have to cook cook cook!
Saturday: Cardio - the program has an hour of cardio on one day so I have NO excuse not to run 6-7 miles - did the above treadmill workout!
Sunday: Shoulder and Cardio - REST - body said it needed another rest day so I listened.

This week is the last week for me for on the LiveFit program.  I have plans to sort of start it over to keep building and maintaining the muscle I've developed.  I've been seeing some amazing results from people who stuck to the plan and cleaned up their diets a ton so I might try doing a little better on the eating front the next time around.  I'm not sure if I'll do a total program recap since I didn't follow it nearly 100%, but you might get some pros and cons from me out of it and maybe a before and after arm picture :).

Here is what I'm planning this week:

January 23-29, 2012
Monday: Back, Abs and Cardio
Tuesday: Chest, Calves and Cardio 
Wednesday:  Arms, Abs and Cardio
Thursday:  Shoulder and Cardio
Friday: Attempt Legs depending on my knee
Saturday or Sunday: 7-8 mile run while visiting parents, other day will be rest...I hope my feet remember the feel of real pavement ;)

Question: I can't think of a fitness related question right now so, tell me what exciting non-running thing you are up to this week?  I have friends cooking me dinner two nights in a row this week!  Yeah for not having to plan my dinner for half the week!


Ali Mc said...

That tready workout looks killer! great speed work :)

I am a weather wimp too....I don't mind cold so much but I hate slush and freezing snow/ice cutting my face.

other people cooking you dinner?!?!? that sounds like a dream :) I am not doing anything cool this week. blah!

Ricole said...

Nice job on the treadmill. I need lessons on loving it, every second on it feels like torture but it really is way more convenient in the winter. Looks like you have a busy workout week ahead of you!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Pretty sure I survive the cold because I am that desperate to get in a run and I have no treadmill. It also gives me some quiet sanity time away from the kids :)

Great job with your run, I can't wait till I can buy a treadmill and be more of a weather wimp when I want to be :)

Photina said...

It looks like you got a great workout in! I am not a treadmill fan but that looks like a good workout to try.

Coy Martinez said...

That's good speed! I would love to run one around 9 minute pace. So far I'm around 9:30. I gots work to do! Maybe you're plan is looking pretty good right now! :)

kristin said...