Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 Weeks Til Sedona Half Marathon

I can honestly tell you the ONLY reason I did all my workouts last week was because I posted the workouts online, accountability works for me!  Warning: this post is super boring and has no photos...read at your own risk.

Here is what was scheduled:

Week of December 10th - 8 weeks till Sedona Half Marathon!
Monday - Boot camp
Tuesday - Treadmill hill workout - gotta find one to do!
Wednesday - Easy run plus boot camp
Thursday - Boot camp
Friday - REST
Saturday - Boot camp
Sunday - 6-7 mile long run

Here is what I did!

Monday - Riley Athletics Boot Camp

20 - 15 - 10 - 5 for time - Pretty simple, quick workout that leaves you in a puddle of your own sweat at the end and catching your breathe for about an hour after.  Do 20 reps of everything, then 15 reps, then 10, then 5...all for time.

Pull Ups - I used a band for assistance of did TRX rows
Medicine Ball Slams
Jump Rope
Squat to Press - I used 12.5lb weights
Weighted Sit Up with med ball
Kettlebell Swing - I've never done these before and was surprised how much technique is actually involved, I think I got the hang of them by the last round of 5 reps ;)

I completed the circuit in about 22 minutes.

Tuesday - Hill Tabata Sprints

I had to really really really push myself to go to the gym after work instead of taking a nap but I did and like they (not sure who "they" is) say...you never regret a workout...FACT! I basically did my own version of Blonde Ponytail's hill tabata workout that I've mentioned before. I covered about 4 miles in about 37:00 minutes.

Wednesday - Boot Camp no run (it was raining and I'm a weather baby!)

In honor of 12/12/12 we did a circuit tabata type workout.  We did various exercises for 24 seconds of work and 12 seconds rest.  At the end of the circuit we did 12 weighted sled runs...BRUTAL!

Thursday - 4 mile run (was WAY too sore from boot camp to go again)

I took this run outside and barely completed the 4 miles before it was almost pitch black dark out...boo for winter.  But I did have safety first and wore my reflective vest for the run.  I ran a loop with a pretty long hill towards the end of the run in a small attempt to train for the hills of Sedona.

Friday - REST - yep...did that!

Saturday - Boot camp style class at gym

I went to a class at my gym instead of Riley Athletics and we did lots of pushups, mountain climbers, tricep pushups, plyometric moves and more.

Sunday - 6 mile long run

I literally sat in my winter running clothes for almost an hour before convincing myself to just get outside and GO!  It was cold and raining the whole time but I did it.  My legs never really warmed up and I felt like I was running super super slow but I got the miles in.  I think all the strength stuff I did during the week really tired out my legs!

And now for this week...

Week of December 17th - 7 weeks till Sedona Half Marathon!
Monday - REST - my body it TIRED from last week, plus I need to make cookies!
Tuesday - Treadmill hill run
Wednesday - Boot camp
Thursday - Boot camp
Friday - Short run
Saturday - Might do an AM gym class or Flywheel...but maybe not :)... and travel home for Christmas!!
Sunday - 8-9 mile long run

Question: What are your exercise plans this week? 

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