Monday, December 3, 2012

Girls on the Run 2012 Winter 5K

While many of you were probably hiding in your homes this weekend because of the nasty weather on the West Coast (besides those who swam the CIM marathon of course) I dragged myself out of bed at 5AM on Saturday morning to continue my volunteering as Course Lead for the Puget Sound chapter of Girls on the Run.  As the rain poured down on the drive to Seward Park that morning I thought how I would rather be in my bed but as soon as I arrived to the dark park along with tons of other eager volunteers and the 5K celebration began to take form I remembered that this has NOTHING to do with me but everything to do with over 400 girls graduating from this inspirational after school program.

SIDENOTE: You can read about Girls on the Run from some of my previous posts (running buddy, info, 2012 Spring 5K) and make sure you get involved if they have a chapter in your neck of the woods!

Luckily, the weather gods shined upon us and it barely rained the entire time and the sun even came out as we were cleaning up.  I had some fabulous volunteers who made setting up the course go by in a flash and awesome cheerleaders that set up on the course and cheered on every last runner and walker.

Start line!
Last year I was so busy I forgot to go to the finish line and watch the girls but this year I didn't want to miss it.  Seeing each of girls cross the finish line with their running buddy and a HUGE smile across their face brought tears to my eyes...literally...I had to leave because I was afraid I would make a huge crying fool of myself!

The after party didn't last too long with the weather and by noon we had the whole thing cleaned up.

Today the whole 5K committee received an email from the executive director of Girls on the Run with some amazing stats from the winter 5K that I just had to brag about:

  • 405 girls ran <---MOST EVER
  • 219 community runners <---MOST EVER
  • 92 volunteers <--- MOST EVER
  • 1200 people in attendance <---MOST EVER
And most importantly we raised enough money to expand the program to 2 more schools to reach 30 more girls this Spring!

I'm so happy to get the chance to be a part of this amazing organization and even happier I found it and get to share it with you.  Getting to combine my love of running and helping this girls doesn't ever feel like "work" or "volunteering" at all.

After the new year Girls on the Run will be recruiting for Spring coaches and running buddies again.  I hope you all will consider joining me and helping out! 

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