Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Time for Relay Business

Hey all, it's July and we all know what that means...it's Ragnar month!!  On July 20 I'll be traveling with 11 other awesome ladies and our drivers up to Blaine, Washington to start the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage with Nuun!

I took it easy on the running front last week only logging a couple shorter runs and doing some cross training. And then I took three glorious days off from any and all type of exercise mostly to enjoy some shenanigans in Portland that included this lovely bloggy lady that I had only met the week before at Rock and Roll...reason number 1,098 I love blogging and the friends I've made.

Laura and I at the Northwest Organic Beer Festival in Oregon
I spent the weekend with my friend Lindsay in Portland I when I put the word out on twitter Laura jumped on the chance to drink beer with me...I mean...who wouldn't :).  We had a blast trying all sorts of beers...a lot of them in fact...hence the not working out for three days straight...oopsie.

So, now it's Tuesday and it's time to start thinking about this whole relay business and the fact that maybe I should start running again?  Luckily there are some great running events happening this week that will get my butt out the door!

Tuesday - Busted out 4 miles after the power went out at work and thus my house (since I live dangerously close to work) so what else would I do?

Wednesday - Nicole from Ricole Runs is pretty much the coolest chick out there and she is organizing a totally last minute First Annual Mimosa Fun Run 10K.  We are meeting at a park in Renton at 10AM on July 4th...hit me up if you want the deets!

You should follow Nicole, she tweets awesome (sometimes crazy) running plans all the time!
Thursday - Adventure run with Road Runner Sports - I signed up to do this last month but the weather was blah so my friend and I backed out but since summer starts after July 4 here (this is actually TRUE!) it will be nice and sunny for this July 5 run.  I'm going with my friend who runs like sub 7-minute miles so I'm sure I'll actually be dead by the end of it...nice knowing all of you.

Friday - Probably cross training

Saturday - Long run? Maybe...

Sunday - I really need to hit up Sunday morning Yoga church, as the instructor calls it :). Then in the afternoon it's time for Go Bananas blogger party at Kerrie's house. We "might" run after stuffing our faces with all things Dole bananas, I'm sure it will be an awesome time.

Wow I have a fun week with all my blogger friends planned!  If you are a local blogger and want in on any of this goodness just let me know!

Stay tuned later this week to meet all the members of Nuun Kids on the Block...try to contain your excitement for this ;)

Question: What are you doing for the fourth? Are you watching any awesome fireworks show?

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Xaarlin said...

I'm so excited to read about your Ragnar adventures!

Hope you had a wonderful 4th. Mine was low key. Saw the Chicago navy pier fireworks from my apt (at least the top of them) and then saw it on TV 30 minutes later.