Thursday, July 26, 2012

Race Recap: 2012 Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage - Part 2

Make sure you read or re-read part 1 first!

Okay, where did I leave off?  Oh yes, we were freshened up (thanks to ShowerPill!), fed and ready to head to the next major exchange where we would meet with van 2.  We had quite a bit of time once we arrived at the school exchange so being the good little Nuun ambassadors that we were we went around to spread the love with some single serve tabs and Nuun tattoos.  Mason gave us a good one liner to say as we handed out the single serve tabs:

"Practice good hydration" - the single serve wrappers look a lot like another thing that comes in a little square packet ;)

We helped a lot of people practice good hydration ;)!  As we were tattooing the masses we spotted the ultimate prize...the butt cheek of one of the members of team Risky Business.  Becky got down to the "risky" business right away and proved her temporary tattoo talents had reached new levels!

Not sure what the face in the second picture is all about but it is reason #123 why this girl is so cool...that and the fact that she rocked a side ponytail non-stop for over 24 hours!

As we waited, nighttime hours were upon us so we started getting our reflective gear ready!

Before we knew it Holly was off on her run and it was time for me to get ready for 5.7 miles in the twilight.

I looked at the map before my run and noticed it was partly on a "trail" but this trail looked like it was basically right next to the street.  Well, it wasn' was set pretty far off the street and on the other side of me was an unidentifiable wooded was a tad spooky and I'm pretty sure I sprinted that entire 2 mile stretch!  With only a headlamp to light the way I was glad there weren't any rocky obstacles to trip over and I was eventually on the road again...PHEW!

About half way into the run a girl came up from behind and I thought for sure she would just whizz by me but we got to chatting and agreed to run the rest of the scary dark run was awesome!!  We ended up passing about 5 runners together (KILLS!) and ended in the city of Burlington in about 51 minutes (8:57 pace).

I was a pretty hot and sweaty mess after that humid night run and Meghan was a huge ShowerPill pusher (or maybe she was tired of smelling us) so I immediately wiped up and felt much better!

My terrible attempt at modeling a ShowerPill

Corinne ran what appeared to be the safest route through the city of Burlington, by restaurants and homes until we saw a guy jump out of his bushes and scare a runner.  We immediately pulled over and yelled at him to stop being an idiot that he was going to scare people!  He didn't seem "all together" and when we left I saw him crawling like a bear across the street...I sure hope he didn't terrorize too many people that night.

Becky was SOO stoked when Lindsay on the Go and her were able to run their entire second legs together!

Katherine, Becky, and Meghan rounded out the second stretch of runs and around midnight we were done again!  We handed off to van 2 and hightailed it to the next major exchange to attempt to get some sleep.  I slept a pretty restless total of 2 hours on some wrestling mats (that Ragnar promised were clean!) and received a 5:30AM wake up

Megan, Stacie, Holly!

Next runs, heroes, and the finish line party.


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