Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet Nuun Kids on the Block #NUUNKOTB

I know you have all been dying to know who else is on my Nuun Ragnar team right?  Cause I haven't talked enough about this.  If you are new to the relay running world go check out this video.

There is supposed to be a video here but it will NOT cooperate so go here!

AWESOME SIDE NOTE: I went to the website to find a video and was watching this one and my team from last year is in it!!  At about second 36 there is a handoff between two of my teammates...EEK!!  It flashes by in like .25 seconds but we are still famous!

In summary 12 runners, 2 vans, 200 miles, everyone runs 3 times.  My friend Lindsey stated it perfectly at the end of Ragnar last year when she said relays are extra awesome because they manage to take  single person's sport and turn it into a team sport...I couldn't agree more!

And without further Nuun Kids on the Block!
Me, Alanna, Tasha and Holly

Runner #1 - Holly from Leaps of Faith
This girl has naturally taken on a total leadership role with our team and has hooked us up with a ton of goodies and designed a super awesome Nuun Kids on the Block shirt for our race.  I got to meet Holly at the RnR Seattle expo and I felt like I already knew her and greeted her with a big hug...hope she didn't think I was crazy :).

Runner #2 - ME - You all already know too much about me so I won't describe myself to you all, you're welcome.  I was actually runner #2 last year and I'm not exactly sure why I voted to do it again but I'll take it and just try to run it faster than last year!

Runner #3 - Open right now...originally Tasha from Healthy Diva so super sadly she is injured...we will miss her!!

Runner #4 - Katherine from Nuun
Katherine is actually the wife of Nuun CEO, Mason, who will also be our driver!  Can't wait to pick both of their brains about Nuun - get ready for a lot of annoying questions.

Runner #5 - Becky from Run Fun Done
Becky and I go way back, back to the Girls on the Run 5K that is where she lended her fabulous photography skills to the race.  She is a serious spitfire and her energy is going to be great at 2AM when we are all fading!  Hey Becky - I challenge you to take a flattering picture of me running :).

Runner #6 - Meghan from Meghan's Wanderings
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Meghan in person yet but I'm certain she is cool and super badass because she has completed about a million half Ironman's! And she has a banana suit...are you bringing this Meghan??

Stacie is to the left of me!

Runner #7 - Jenny from Coming Up Lemon
Jenny picked arguably the hardest legs in Ragnar so if that says anything about her I'm sure she will be an amazing addition to our team.

Runner #8 - Kim from Nuun
I had the extreme pleasure of running with Kim for a while during the RnR Seattle half and she was so sweet and so motivating at a point in the race where I was loosing focus and my running mojo...she will be a huge sense of support for Van 2!

Runner #9 - Alanna from Love My Runners
Alanna is a Canadian and I like all Canadians so I'm sure we'll get along just fabulously, we met super briefly at the RnR Seattle expo too!

Runner #10 - Stacie from Skipping in Seattle
This girl has some serious running style.  I'm pretty sure she never just wears a random pair of shorts and a shirt to a race so I can't wait to see what she pulls out for Ragnar!

Runner #11 - Dawn from Running at Dawn
I met Dawn at briefly at a blogger dinner before RnR Seattle (she was sitting at another table).  She dominated the RnR Seattle half while raising money for the American Cancer Society so I'm pretty sure she is fabulous person.

Runner #12 - Megan from Daily Sweat
Running the most miles out of anyone during this relay and a whopping 10 more than myself (the lowest mileage I might add - not sure why I wussed out and picked that one!), I have no doubt Megan will be a strong anchor.  She busted up her face on a bike ride recently and went right back out there and competed in a triathlon like days later...serious courage!

Do you already love every one of these girls like I do?

FINAL COUNTDOWN...8 DAYS until Ragnar with NUUN!

Question: I feel like everyone I know is running Ragnar Northwest Passage, are you?  If so, what is your team name, your start time and your runner number?  I want to stalk you :)

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