Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rest Please

I'm taking a week off from thinking about running, actually running, and stressing about working out.  I have an insanely busy week including my mom being in town so I'm going to play tourist with her this week and just relax!

I don't have anything exciting to share with you other than this finish line photo from the Mercer Island Half marathon which sums up the entire experience PERFECTLY.  So perfectly in fact, I just might pay the $25 for it.

The sheer excitement captured on my face and in my wild hair plus Sonia being a cheerleader even at the finish line makes me smile every time I see it. 

Question: Have you ever bought a finish line photo from a race?  The only race I've shelled out the dough for was the marathon and it was worth it.

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Ricole Runs said...

Best picture ever. My husband bought a picture of us on a ride once (the kind that shoots you up unexpectantly) because I had such a look of conplete terror!!