Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Girls on the Run

Hey all! I've recently became more involved in the Girls on the Run organization and want to spread the good word to all my runner friends.  It really is the perfect organization to share your passion of running with while helping young girls gain mental and physical strength!

from the website:
Girls on the Run of Puget Sound is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Since 2002, GOTRPS has operated an after-school prevention program for 3rd through 5th grade girls throughout Puget Sound.

Basically girls have a ton of fun in an after school program all while gaining self confidence and learning to be healthy through running.  Each 10-week program ends with a cool is that. They get bibs, medals, t-shirts, the whole meal deal!

I was a running buddy last year and this year I've stepped it up a bit and I'm now the course lead on the 5K committee meaning I get to set up the 5K course on the day of the race.  We are brainstorming all sorts of cool ideas like having fun prizes/activities at each mile, cheerleaders along the course and of course a huge finish line festival just like a real race...well because it is real.

This Three Things Thursday is more geared toward my Washington readers in way to reach out (ok beg) to them to get involved in Girls on the Run Puget Sound.  But non-Washingtonians can check out the national website and see if there is a chapter near you...cause there probably is!

1. Attend the Auction:
disclaimer: no running occurs at this event...great chance to change out of those running clothes and dress up for once :)

Their annual No Sweat Event is being held on April 5 out at Shilshole Bay Beach Club in Ballard.  I went last year and was totally inspired to get more involved. I'll be volunteering at it this year so say HI if you attend.

2. Volunteer at the 5K - Saturday, May 19:
  • Be a running buddy - just like it sounds you run with an elementary aged girl to motivate her through the 5K course.  Time commitment isn't much as you only have to meet once before the 5K for their practice 5K and to meet your girl.  Just beware, your girl may run faster than you. 
my running girl smoking me!
3. Run the 5K as a community member:  Just come out and run the 5K on May 19, your registration fee goes to help the Girls on the Run Puget Sound chapter and I promised you will be super inspired! 

And of course you can always just donate some cold hard $$ to them if that is your game!

I hope to do more posts at GOTR in the future.  I have a friend who is actually a coach which is the ultimate volunteer opportunity...maybe I'll convince her to write a guest post ;)...Sonia??

Question: Do you share your passion of running with any great organizations?  Are you going to get involved with GOTR now?  Hit me up if you want more information!

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