Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Running a Marathon This Week!

Well...sort of!  In honor of the Vancouver Marathon happening this Sunday, which I'll be spectating at, I decided to bump up my mileage a bit and try to hit 26.2 miles for the week.  Considering I've been keeping under 15 miles lately this might not be a wise decision but whatever!

I've actually never watched a marathon or big race before and I'm kind of really really excited, mostly because I'm not running it!  I always looked on the sidelines with jealousy at the people cheering, sipping coffee, or having a nice breakfast at a cafe, all while I huff and puff by just dreaming of my post race treat. It was actually by sheer coincidence that me and my girlfriends will be in Vancouver for marathon weekend and I was pretty stoked when I put two and two together.  We scored a hotel pretty close to the finish line so we hope to see the first place finishers fly into the finish line Sunday morning.
And since I also announced it on twitter, sort of, I guess I really have to do it now.  Sidenote: Don't get too excited if you follow me on twitter, I'm sure my activity on there is short lived...I can't keep up with all the social media out there!
Quick, follow me before I stop actually using it :)
Here is my tentative plan for getting the miles in.  I would LIKE to get it all done this week before I leave for Vancouver, but in case I don't I've already conned a friend into running some miles Saturday AM before we leave for our weekend adventure

Monday - 8 miles <---spoiler: already did this!
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday - 3.2 miles
Total = 26.2!

In other semi marathon news I actually have a bet going with my traveling buddy, Sonia,...she thinks after spectating the Vancouver Marathon I'm going to want to sign up for another marathon ASAP, I think she is crazy...we have $20 bucks lying on it, I'll make sure to report who wins.

QUESTION: Anyone out there running Vancouver?  Any advice for spectating at a marathon?

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Ricole Runs said...

Have a blast in Vancouver! What fun things do you plan to do there? You should go do the grouse grind if it's open!