Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday: NUUN Time!

No that is not a typo, I don't mean noon time, I mean NUUN time!  This is my application to hopefully be one of the 36 female bloggers lucky enough to win a spot on the Nuun Hood to Coast relay team.  I have to admit there have been some amazing applications and videos already submitted so I'm not sure my little ol Three Things Thursday will live up to the punch but I'm going to give it a try because I can't think of anything more fun than running the biggest relay on EARTH with other amazing blog ladies!

So, NUUN...these are the three reasons TOP reasons you should pick me / why I really want to be on the NUUN team!

1. I am an experienced relayer! <---I just made up that word, it should be in the dictionary now

I have completed the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage 3 years in a row and after every year I scream "that was the best time ever!"  I've been able to maintain a cheerful, positive attitude through 24+ hours of no sleep, smelly vans, and 80+ degree heat.  I was nicknamed "mom" by my fellow van mates one year since I did most of the driving and took care of everyone's needs before my own.  If you want some fun reading material you can read my recaps (part 1, part 2, part 3)
No, we were not drinking beer in a elementary school parking lot at 8AM...nope!
Team purple all the way!
I'm even a famous relayer - picture in the Bellingham Herald!
Clearly you can see all the fun we weren't having ;)
I will be very well trained for Hood to Coast since I plan on running two relays before the big August day!  Mt. Si relay at the end of April with some other lady bloggers and Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage for the 4th year (side note: Nuun should really think about sponsoring a team for that relay sometime...wink wink).

I don't think I made it clear - "I LOVE RELAYS!!"

2. NUUN makes me run fast: <----that is a scientific fact!
I pretty much owe my recent sub 2-hour half marathon all to Nuun, okay, and maybe a little training on my part.  I hydrated with Nuun the days before the Mercer Island Half and then to my surprise Nuun actually supplied us with drinks along the course...BONUS!!  Can you imagine the speeds I could reach with Nuun fueling me through the whole relay, plus I'm sure just traveling in Nuuned out vans helps as well :).
Best desk accessory!
This photo powered by NUUN!
3. I want to take my stalking love for my fellow bloggers to a whole new level:
Ladies + Blogs = too much entertainment for me to handle.  My Google Reader is a little bit embarrassing, but I can't help but stalk my favorite blogs every single day...that is normal right?  Getting the chance to meet some of these awesome ladies in person and spend 24+ hours in a van with a few of them would probably be "the best time ever!" <----sure to surpass my other best times ever!
Just a small sampling of the ladies I love including Run Zoe Run whose Nuun video had me rolling on the floor laughing!
Blogger trading cards - I can't believe these aren't priceless yet!
AND Nuun!
So Nuun, there you have it!  I promise to be a super enthusiastic (but not annoyingly so), motivational team mate who will also push Nuun product during the relay like hydrating runners is my only goal in life!

Feel free to visit Nuun's facebook page and tell them how Marathon Lar should definitely be part of the H2C team!

Question: Who else is applying for this amazing opportunity?  Want to be vanmates if we get in? :)

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Ricole Runs said...

Please please PLEASE pick Marathon Lar!! She is obviously a dominant relayer!