Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recipe: Poor Man's Evolution Fresh Bowl

UPDATES in the world of Marathonlar first:
  • I clicked submit on my Nuun Hood to Coast application...YIKES!  I'll post it here once the deadline has passed.
  • I ran 6 miles two days in a row (not on purpose) and my legs didn't fall off or feel like death after.  I have been a tad worried my lack of running has led to a sharp decrease in running fitness but I think all the strength training I've been doing is making up for it.  The spring-like weather helps too!
Okay, back to this delicious recipe!

I'm not sure I've claimed my love for Evolution Fresh on the blog before so here we go!!  Evolution Fresh is the makers of those super delicious but pretty expensive juices that Starbucks sells.  Well since I am lucky enough to live in the land of Starbucks they opened up Evolution Fresh stores conveniently (not for my wallet) located right down the street from me.  Not only do they have amazing juices and smoothies, they also have these delicious bowls of goodness that you can customize to make your own...everything is super fresh, super healthy and made only with whole food ingredients.
Exhibit A - simmer bowl with buckwheat noodles, butternut squash, kale, feta, veggies and lemon tahini dressing 
Go and lust over this menu for lunch options!

Exhibit B - kale, roasted red peppers, carrots, butternut squash, rice, quinoa, feta and lemon tahini dressing
Every single time I go I pretty much get the same thing consisting of kale, quinoa or rice or noodles, butternut squash, veggies, feta and the lemon tahini dressing.  SO much flavor packed in that bowl.  When I'm craving something hot I get it simmer style where they add a broth to the whole thing.

Now, believe me I would go here every single day for lunch if I made about 3x more than I currently do, but I don't so I made up my own version of my favorite Evolution Fresh bowl.  It is super easy and super customizable.  This is my standard way of making it.  I could be fancy and break down the cost for you but I'm lazy...but I can promise you it is WAY cheaper than going and buying one of these $9 bowls everyday ;).

Poor Man's Evolution Fresh Bowl

Serves: 4 Lar sized lunches

Bowl of goodness!
Here are the steps...personalize as you go!
  1. Pick a protein - I choose tempeh this time around and all I do is cube it up and saute it in a little coconut oil until golden
  2. Pick a grain - I have this awesome rice/quinoa mix from costco and I make a single batch which ends up being about 4 servings
  3. Pick a green - Trader Joes has the most amazing options for greens these days! I usually get their bag of kale already cut up and ready to use but lately they have this Power Greens mix that I've been loving
  4. Pick a dressing - Trader Joes strikes dressing OBSESSION is their Green Goddess which is a tahini based dressing
  5. Throw in veggies - anything you have in your fridge that sounds good...mine can include carrots, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cucumber...seriously whatever you have!
  6. Fancy it up with some cheese if you like...or better yet...a runny egg!
Step 1 - Tempeh for protein

Step 1 - sautéed in a little coconut oil
Step 2 - my grain choice
Step 3 - pick a green - this is a delicious nutritious combo from TJ's

Step 4 - pick a dressing - this one is the BEST in my opinion (source)
Throw in your veggies and extras and VOILA!

So to recap, protein, grain, green, dressing, veggies, extras...BAM! Delicious and healthy lunch or dinner.  I usually prep the protein and grain one night and then have lunch for most of the week.  Lunch comes together in less than 5 minutes, can't beat that.

Question: Do you have a quick healthy lunch that you live off of most weekdays?

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