Monday, March 18, 2013

5 Things Monday...??

So...I had this entire post drafted as a Five Things Friday and never pushed the publish now it is a 5 Things Monday for things I was excited about last week/weekend...lame I know, but I can't let a blog post go to waste now can I?

Just pretend it is Friday ok?

1. This Vegan Mediterranean Stew - specifically all the leftovers I'm going to be eating ate all weekend!  I made a few changes to the recipe including using a quinoa/wild rice mix I had instead of buckwheat groats (what the heck are those anyways?).  I also added a can of chopped artichoke hearts.  Next time I would use crushed tomatoes instead of whole ones, those big pieces were annoying to me.

from Instagram (marathonlar)
2. GOOO SOUNDERS!! - As the proud 1/2 of a season ticket holder I get to go to the match up tomorrow between the Sounders and the Portland Timbers...rivalry time.  After their disappointing home opener I'm hoping I get to see a big WIN tomorrow night. ---> after a Sounders score in the 13th minute the game was looking great until literally the 90th minute the Timbers tied it up...SO SAD!

Molly and me at the first game
3. Neon Trees - I knew I like this band from some of their latest hits but after seeing them open for Maroon 5 last Monday night I immediately downloaded their whole album from iTunes.  Plus their drummer is a super bad ass chick who also sings in some of the songs...girl power!

4. Doggy Friends! - Last night Thursday I took that stew over to a friends house for dinner and Stacey got to come to so she could play with Miss Ellie.  Stacey LOVES small dogs and the two of them played for about 2 hours straight, we were such proud pet parents taking millions of photos and videos of our babies playing :)

5. Nuun Singlet!! - Originally slated to be shipped in April I received a very welcome surprise when I saw mine shipped this week and one day later it was on my doorstep!!  Now I just need a race to run so I can wear it...someone give me one to sign up for k?

I love all the Instagram love for this singlet!!
Question: Who out there is running a race in the next couple of months somewhere in Washington state?  I need to run one...mainly to motivate myself to actually run :)

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