Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Need to Know - Nuun and Starbucks!

First off - thank you all for your suggestions on local races to run over the next few months.  I'm going to look into all of them...there were quite a few in there that I've been meaning to run but just never remember about them!

In other's Friday...TGIF!  Not much has been going on in the land of marathonlar lately, especially in regards to running so I apologize for the lack of even remotely interesting soon as it turns to Spring around here I plan on getting back into that running thing because I have BIG PLANS to "hopefully" run this mother of all relays this year...

The 2013 Hood to Coast relay is August 23-24 this year!!

I know, many of you are saying..."wait that race is sold out!" Well if you are a lady blogger you too have the chance to run this epic relay with none other than the best hydration choice around (yes I'm buttering Nuun up!).

THIS is how much fun you'll have running with Nuun!
I realize I have been EXTREMELY fortunate to already be a part of the Nuun family, but I'm hoping they haven't gotten sick of me yet and want me to join them on this adventure as well.  YOU should apply too.  You can find details on their blog post but bottom line is you need to be a lady blogger and not run Hood to Coast with them before.  Applications are due April 5 and then you have to wait a torturous week and a half to know if you've been chosen.

So get your creative hat on and get working on that application!  You can all make fun how much of a dork I look like on camera next week when I post mine :).

Other news you need to know (although not even remotely as important)...Groupon has a $5 for $10 Starbucks gift card right now.  If you are anything like me, Starbucks is a morning necessity and I'll take any excuse to get my fix a little cheaper.

My daily desk view
Question: Who else is applying for the Nuun Hood to Coast Team? Anything else I need to know this Friday? ... besides why on EARTH it is snowing in Seattle on March 22!

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