Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday - The NON Running Edition

I'm getting burnt out from running, talking about running, reading about running, all things running.  It's a good thing this marathon is in two weeks because I think I hit my training wall!  Don't get me wrong, I'm still insanely excited to get to Chicago and run this thing but the preparing for it part is bringing me down.

So, this post has nothing to do with running (except what I just ranted about above).  Here are three things I'm excited about this week:

Three Things Thursday - NO RUNNING!

1. Fall TV is back!  For every 10 minutes I'm out running each day (darn...I talked about running again!) I'm probably watching 30 minutes of new TV a night.  My DVR is starting to fill up again from all the new shows and I get excited for a lazy evening in front of the TV when I get a chance.  The shows I'm most excited for returning this season:

LOVE Parenthood...and I'm not even a parent.
Guilty pleasure #1...I was OBSESSED with the original 90210 so I can't help but watch this one.
GLEE! I heart Will Shuster!
2. Being a tourist in my own city!  This weekend I get to play host to a close friend from high school/college and her friend who has never been to Seattle. I'm excited to play tourist/host for the weekend and our plans include lunch downtown, Pikes Place Market, the waterfront and a Seahawks game on Sunday.
Last year's December game where I FROZE, at least Sunday will be warmer, now if only they could pull off a win?
3. Accomplishments at work: I apologize for this being ridiculously vague but I have to keep some of my life private, but I taught myself how to do something at work this week that I've been working hard on for a couple days and when I was successful I did a little happy dance in my cubicle...I hope no one saw.
Okay, I can tell you it involved figuring out how to get satellite imagery data on this ball of educational fun
QUESTION: What is one thing you accomplished this week not related to running? Because remember, we aren't talking about running right now.

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Xaarlin said...

I am sick of running to a point now too :) I'm ready for race day. 2 weeks from now we will be celebrating!