Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding My Marathon Mojo

I've been thinking a lot how I'm going to stay motivated while running 4.5+ hours on October 9 and I've come up with a few key ideas/strategies...humor me while I share them with you:

1. iPod rule: I've decided my iPod is staying in my Spi belt (if it arrives in time!) until I absolutely need it.  Since I'll be running with Stacey for hopefully most the race I think it would be more fun to take in the scenery, the spectators, and chat about the course as we go along.  Plus, then I'll be able to hear my friends and family trying to cheer above everyone else to get my attention.

2. The 2 mile rule: My friend, Lindsey, implemented this rule during her first marathon and basically it means when you think you can't run anymore during the marathon just give yourself 2 miles to see how you feel.  The thinking behind it is that you can do ANYTHING for 2 miles and after those 2 miles you'll probably be over the mental hurdle and able to least 2 more :).

3. Dedicate each mile after 20: Another friend/blogger (sorry I don't remember!) game the idea to dedicate each mile after 20 to someone to make me push a little harder and get through the miles I've never encountered before.  I'll likely be dedicating these to my amazing spectators but haven't decided the specifics yet.

4. NO stressing about stopping to stretch/drink/pee: Stacey and I have already agreed to run this marathon together and we have also agreed that we will stop to stretch when needed, stop to pee, and not sprint through aid stations.  This is my first marathon so time is really not an issue...I'm even thinking about leaving my Garmin at home...I know...craziness!
I think I can manage to wait in a porta-potty line :)

5. Warm up for 20 miles: Everyone I talk to who has run a marathon says the real race begins at mile 20 or wherever your longest training run ended.  My goal is to focus on running slow and steady for 20 miles, enjoying every single minute of the race, the city, the spectators etc.  I'll reserve the last 6 miles for pain, freaking out, self doubt, etc.  I mean once I get to mile 20 I can just keep telling myself...only 6 miles to go...I ran 6 miles every single week for the past 3 months, no big deal.

Of course I have many other thoughts running around in my head about race day including stressing about the weather and what to wear, where to store all my sports bean, injuring myself before race day, sleeping through the start, eating something unfriendly to my stomach, etc. etc. etc.

Hopefully the heat trend doesn't continue into marathon weekend, I will not stress about the weather, I will not stress about the weather...

Question: What else do I need to be thinking about to have the most positive marathon mojo possible?


Coy Martinez said...

You sound JUST LIKE ME! When I ran the Philly Marathon last year I used all kinds of tricks to keep me going. I was running it by myself but I was also in somewhat of a pack of people that were trying to run / jog / walk the last 6 together so I would find someone ahead of me and try to keep up with them or catch them. I sang out loud and thought about my family waiting for me at the finish. Ohhhh so many things that go through our minds after mile 20!

Lauren said...

I really like that 2 mile rule... I'm running in the army 10 miler shadow race they are having here this weekend and I think I'll employ a similar rule for myself. I'm not "racing" it, so I don't care about my time, but I still want to be as strong as possible. :)

and that adidas ad is awesome!! LOL

ashley said...

these all sound like great things to focus on! and i totally agree... the mile 21 mark was when the race begin and i fell apart LOL... i'm sure you'll do better! :) saw this and thought of you!

Stace said...

Don't worry Lar, I will have several pre-determined conversation topics for us to talk about during the run. I really like your mile dedication idea too....NICE!!! WE ARE GOING TO OWN THIS!!!!!!!!!! And even though I know you will be stressing about the weather all the way up until mile 26.2, I still love ya and I'm proud of us!! :)

Xaarlin said...

Sounds like you have it all figured out. :) I dedicate each mile to someone during the race :) some people more than once.

I've been running with music for all my races lately, but since I'll be with my dad, I'll probably leave the iPod at home or in spi belt. Lord knows I'll need some "eminem lose yourself" on repeat like 5 times near the end mixed with some "chariots of fire" to carry me the extra distance.

You are going to rock this :)

Sarah Grecco said...

I like that you are taking in the scenery and environment instead of iPoding it! Smart move.

My suggestion is just to think positively the whole week before....Simple I know. But it works for me! Every night before I went to bed the week before I visualized me finishing....nerdy I know.

Get Up & Go

Anonymous said...

You know my mother will be right there with you, lol! - Kristin

Falon said...

This is a great list! I have also considered ditching my ipod, but since I'm flying solo... I think I need it for any especially tough or quiet period. Ha I love the peeing poster... if you have to pee... pee so true and I think it makes the following miles that much faster.