Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Cheering Squad

I have run plenty of local races and while I have had amazing support from my parents and friends at most of those races, nothing compares to the people coming to Chicago just to see us all run.  I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude and the feeling of support from all of these peeps! 

Here is the rundown of our support, in no order of importance of course :)

1. Lindsey (EY) and Mandy - Coming all the way from Seattle, EY and Mandy are going to be our full course support/photographers for the 26.2 miles.  EY has already informed me that she will have a backpack full of everything we could possibly need mid race...sports beans, water, extra socks, a charged ipod, Vaseline, body glide, am I missing anything?  Mandy will be in charge of my camera for the event...I hope she has taken some photography classes cause I want some professional pics!
Thanks good lookin ladies!
2. Janel, Brad, and Brady - Coming from the great state of Indiana, my first cousin and her hubby and kid will be coming to cheer us on.  I hope Janel is already teaching Brady some cheers to yell at me as I run by!
Is this is not the best looking family you've ever seen?  Too bad Maddy can't come and cheer (um..woof) me on.
3. Andy the husband - Andy is Stace's hubby and he is in charge of finding us the best steak house for a post marathon meal.  Andy is good at a lot of things, but finding the best red meat to consume is one of his finer qualities.

Yes that bouquet is ALL orchids!

4. Mike and Sharon - Parental support! Mike and Sharon are Stacey's parents and since my parents can't come to Chicago they will be my adoptive parents for the weekend.  They have yet to see Stacey cross the finish line of one of her races, they definitely saved the first for the best!

5. Kath's Aunt and Uncle - I don't know their names but they are local Chicagoans (is that a word?) so they will be an excellent source of information on where we should eat, where to watch the race, and how to get around this new to me city!

Of course ALL the support I've received from my blog friends has been amazing and has definitely helped me along this training journey.  I never imagined when I started this blog that I would actually make friends and be obsessed with following their training journeys as much fun!  I would list all the blogs I try to read on a daily basis but then this post would be 5 miles long so I'll just give you the top 5 that have inspired me from the beginning (again, in no order of importance):

1. Redonkulous Runner - I think Ashley was one of my first non-family non-friend followers and reading about her training and receiving such thoughtful comments from her has been awesome and I still can't believe we didn't meet at Rock and Roll!

2. Tall Mom on The Run - Mel is seriously the woman that does it all...runs, works a big girl job and has a family.  I got the chance to meet her in person during the Seattle Rock and Roll and she is super sweet in person, I hope we get to run together again.

3. Fitting into the Windy City - Kate is training for the Chicago marathon with her husband and lives in Chicago!  Reading her training recaps and especially seeing Chicago through her pictures is getting me really excited to get to the start line. 

4. MegaNerdRuns - I think I love this blog because MegaNerd reminds me of myself in lots of ways from running to living life.  Plus, I'm kind of a nerd so I can relate!

5. Runner's Kitchen - I'm pretty sure this was the first blog I started to read on running and I think I found it from goggling "running blogs".  Megan is a super duper crazy fast runner chick that still managers to have a full-time job and have fun NYC at the same time.  She believes that preparing for some runs with a night of wine and good food with friends is quite alright and I like that!

Other blogs that deserve attention because they are also running the Chicago Marathon!
These Happy Miles
The Running Historian
Pain is nothing

Question: Who is your biggest support when running a race in real life and blog life? 


Kate @ FittingintotheWindyCity said...

thanks for the shoutout!! i love your priorities and can recommend keefers or mastro's for excellent steakhouses. but really, any piece of meat you eat in this town is delicious.

ashley said...

What a great support team! I'll def be back to Seattle within the next year, so we must meet then!!!

Marathon Lar said...

Oh...thanks for the steak recommendations Kate! I should have known you would be good for those, you and your hubby seem to eat out quite well :)

Janel and Brad said...

That is a good looking family!

Anonymous said...

Don't make Janel's ego any bigger Lauren! JK :) - Kristin