Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Things Friday - Running Motivation Overload

Oh man has my week been FULL of everything running, including a little bit of actual running...imagine that!  Let's take a look back shall we? I apologize for the lack of photos...I was bad photo taker this week plus my phone is playing some dirty tricks on me and it takes a photo but then doesn't save it!

1. Ragnar Meeting - The whole crazy ultra gang got together and Veggie Grill this week to meet and chat about all things running.  Every one of the ladies running is super motivational and everyone has an equally inspiring running story to tell.  I'm getting super excited to spend 24+ hours in a van with all the awesomeness!  And drum roll please...our team name is:

Six Pack With a Rack

Hehe, what do you think?  Get it...we are six runners and we have a boobs ;)

2. Spirit of the Marathon 2 Movie Premier! - I met up with one of my running/blogging buddies Sarah (who just started training for the Chicago marathon!) and we had a great time talking all things running over Chipotle for dinner before heading over to watch the movie.

HANDS DOWN the most inspirational movie I have ever seen.  This is WAY better than the first one and follows multiple people from many countries as they train for and run the 2012 Rome Marathon. I don't want to give any of it away because you NEED to see it.  I dare even a non-runner to go watch this movie and try not to sign up for a marathon the very next day :).  
3. Pint Striders - Fleet Feet Seattle puts on a fun run plus beer drinking event once a month and this year I met up with some girlfriends for the jaunt.  The run was pretty hilly seeing as we ran around Capitol Hill and I ran with some speedy friends so it was a great workout!

4. Nuun Mixology - As if you need anymore excuses to drink Nuun, Triathlete Magazine featured Nuun and some amazing sounding cocktails, desserts drinks and flavor combos to try.

Go to Nuun's facebook for a better version you can actually read or just go buy the latest Triathlete magazine

5. Pro Compression Socks - I will be the first to admit I always thought people running in knee high socks looked ridiculous, but people "claimed" they did wonders for their calves and feet during and after runs so I figured I better give them a shot. I wore them on the 3.5 mile jaunt around Capitol Hill and I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference. I think I need to test them out after a long run to hopefully full experience what they claim to do. But I do think they make me look like a more serious runner so there is that ;)

Pretty sure neon anything makes you run faster?
PHEW, what a week! Hope yours was filled with good runs, running memories, and running motivation!

QUESTION: What as your run motivation this week?

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