Monday, June 24, 2013

I Never Want To Be Normal Again - VIP Rock and Roll Seattle

Seriously, I was spoiled so so rotten this weekend I'm pretty certain I can never run a race again as a mere "normal" person again.  Full recap of the race and blogger event coming after I can steal photos from the race and fully digest what fun I had this past weekend...but I just have to gush about the VIP experience real quick.

Ballin! Too bad my nails weren't very VIP looking :)

Online Shoes and Brooks were generous enough to offer me an entry to the race and what I thought was access to the VIP potties Brooks has at the start line.  Well after I did my whole registration thing at the Expo I went to find the Brooks rep to get my VIP stuff.  That was when I realized, no I didn't get access to those potties, but rather access to the VIP hospitality know where the elites hang out, no big deal.

Again, THANKS Online Shoes and Brooks!

Race morning, I slapped on my VIP bracelet and made my way to the tent area.  I honestly felt super out of place and didn't know anyone but I did enjoy potties with NO lines that actually smelled nice, a handful of grapes and VIP bag check.  I met another "normal" person who was running her first half marathon with her nephew so I didn't feel too out of place for long.  Having a bag check and potty with only about 30 other people versus 20,000 was pretty much the best thing ever!

AND THEN...after the race (spoiler: I finished!) you can go back to the tent for treats, sandwiches, and an open bar. Since I didn't know anyone I felt slightly odd hanging out alone but I took advantage of the shade and tables and relaxed a little, ate a couple cookies and get ready for the Online Shoes/Brooks after party. We also had a pretty sweet view of the concert area.

Not that I would ever complain about being offered this amazing experience but one year it would awesome to do with a friend so we could literally hang out there for hours after the race enjoying the food, booze, and music.  I have no clue if you can buy your way into the VIP area but I would be curious to know how much it cost.

Next up: Race Recap, Blogger Event, Brooks Shoes Reviews...I feel like such an official blogger telling you what is coming up next ;)

QUESTION: Have you ever been VIP at a race? Was it the best thing ever?

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