Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Rock and Roll Seattle Prep - Weather and More!

First off HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Brooks and Online Shoes for providing me a free entry to the Seattle Rock and Roll half marathon.  I'm still pinching myself for this opportunity because I'm not a big blogger or fast runner, but I do have loads of gratitude so they'll have to be happy with that!
Did you know their corporate office is in Seattle? YEP!
Another local company headquartered in Bothell!

I have to admit I was feeling a little sad I wasn't running this race about a month ago since I've run it from the beginning, but not sad enough to shell out $130 bucks to do it ;).  Two of my original running buddies are also running this for the 5th time!  The 2008 Seafair Half Marathon (which Rock and Roll replaced) was also my very first half and 5 years later I will be running my 11th on Saturday.

Katie and Lindsey to the right of me - 5 years of running together ladies!
I might attempt to run with Lindsey but she is a speedy little demon so I'm not sure how long I can keep that up.  Although I've put the distance in since I'm training for Ragnar I'm nowhere near the speed I had when I ran a sub 2 half, but you never know. Much like Katie convinced me to run a half 5 years ago, she convinced her boyfriend to run his 1st on Saturday.


Providing you an accurate weather report is about the only connection I can make with my career and running so...straight from the most accurate source for weather...,NOAA, I present you with the race day forecast as of Thursday:
  • Unlike last year's tricky rain forecast (which NOAA accurately predicted FYI), this year there is virtually no chance of rain before the early evening! There will be some light cloud cover but still don't forget to wear your sunscreen.
  • Chance of rain - NO chance before 5PM...woohoo!
  • Temps from 7-NOON will be starting in the upper 50's and shouldn't reach more than 65 by the time most of you finish.
  • Temp (in red) from 7AM-3PM. Relative humidity in green if you are into that sort of thing.
  • Super super light winds, so don't count a draft to pull you along ;)
OVERALL - Absolutely perfect running conditions in my opinion.  Now you can all go plan your race day outfits confidently!  I'll be wearing shorts and my Nuun singlet!


RUNNERS: Let's meetup for a pic before the race ok? If you are running or spectating near the start line come to Corral 7 around 6:40 and we'll snap a few pre-race pics.

2012 RnR Seattle meetup photo

CHEERERS: Not running but want to cheer? Nuun headquarters is on the course and they are setting up there own little hydration station (note: they are not the official hydration sponsor of Rock and Roll...but they should be!).  Head out to 800 Maynard Avenue and get your cheer on!

QUESTION: Who will I see on the course or cheering? Anyone planning on running around a 9:30 pace and want to keep me company for 13.1 miles?

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