Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miles, Margs and a Ragnar Ultra Team

How do you like that title! So much exciting running stuff happened over the weekend, all of the sudden I'm super motivated to actually start running a decent amount...which is probably a good thing considering I did this on Monday:

Yep, Ragnar Northwest Passage ULTRA is happening!  I have recruited 5 other insane ladies to join me on the journey.  My good friend Jessey (who doesn't blog or twitter...the horror!), Rebecca, Robyn, Bethany and most recently Rira! Right now our team name is temporarily "Too Lazy to Find 6 More Runners" but we need to come up with something more awesome than that so if you have any ideas throw em at me!!

I absolutely love how this team came together!  My friend Jessey and I thought of the crazy idea and I immediately went to twitter and recruited Rebecca and Robyn.  After another twitter callout, Bethany answered...we have never met but I'm certain she will be fun if she want to be stuck in a van with 5 other sweaty ladies she doesn't know for 24+ hours.  And then finally, Rira...who I met for the first time at the 2nd annual Miles and Margs event hosted by Stacie!

the whole gang (stolen from Stacie)
The whole group did a run on the West Seattle waterfront and I had the pleasure of completing 6 miles with Rira (along with Becky, Lauren, and Robyn).  We went to brunch after at Cactus and discovered that Rira wanted to run Ragnar.  After only a few seconds of convincing she whipped out her checkbook and committed to the team...TEAM FULL <---CHECK!

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with this whole ultra business and have no idea how to train for it...any ideas?  I'm thinking back to back long runs will be a good start.  Maybe I'll draw up a training plan and share it so I do it, but then again maybe I'll be too lazy...we shall see.

Question: WHO else is running Ragnar Northwest Passage? 

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