Sunday, June 24, 2012

RnR Seattle Expo and Blogger Meetups x3!

This year I got smart and took the afternoon off work so I could fully enjoy the Rock and Roll Seattle expo plus meet a ton of fabulous blogger ladies and Nuun teammates.  I'm pretty certain I don't remember everyone I met so if I met you please please leave a comment so I can link you up and start stalking your blog!!

Lunch Meetup

I braved the Seattle bus system, one of my biggest fears, and made it to the first blogger meetup...lunch at Elysian, a little after 1.  I immediately recognized two of my Nuun teammates, Tasha and Stacie and not surprisingly they are just as awesome and sweet as their blogs portray.  My Mt. Si teammates Nicole and Lindsay were also there! We ate and chatted before most of us headed over to the expo for more meetups!

Nicole and Tasha
Rock and Roll Expo

I can't say enough about how well run the Rock and Roll franchise is and the expo is always such a well oiled machine.  I got my packet with no waiting and made my way into the expo to check out the goods.

Me and Nicole
I have a little tradition of buying a Bondi Band at each race expo I go to as a little memento of the race plus something fun to wear on race it's a cheap tradition, only 8 bucks!

Next up...Nuun booth!  I met many of the awesome Nuun employees including Zoe, Arielle, Caitlin, Mason, and Kim.  I knew I was getting myself involved with an awesome company but I didn't know they would make me feel like family right away...seriously amazing group of people! And I met two more of my Nuun Kids on the Block teammates, Alanna and Holly.
Me, Alanna, Tasha and Holly

As if I hadn't already met a ton of new friends I headed to the blogger meetup at the Expo that Mel from Tall  Mom on the Run organized.  She did a little Runner's World history lesson that included popular columnist John Bigham.  Mel did an awesome job, I think she may be missing her calling as a public speaker? :)  After, we mingled with bloggers and took a group picture.  I was joking all day how I should have carried around a sign in sheet so I could remember everyone I met and I wish I really had!
John and Mel...perfect pair!
The whole gang (picture from facebook)

Dinner Meetup

Since I clearly hadn't had my fill of fabulous blogging ladies I headed to Purple downtown to meetup with Stacie, Allison, Rebecca, and Laura. Evidently Purple was a popular pre-race choice because my fellow Nuun teammates Dawn, Becky, and Alanna were at a table right behind us.  I had an amazing lamb burger with a side salad and it totally hit the pre-race dinner spot.  I just wish I could have indulged in a little wine since that is what they are known for :(.
So tempting....
Allison, Stacie, Me, Rebecca, Laura (pic from Stacie)
It was a long day and I was very happy to get home and get ready for the my early 4:30AM wakeup call.  It was seriously so awesome to meet so many of the ladies I read about and tweet with almost daily.  I am about 1000x more excited for Nuun Kids on the Block after meeting the Nuun family and some of my teammates and I'm pretty sure July 20 needs to get here right now!

race day essentials
Stay tuned for the 2012 Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon race recap!

Question: Were you at any of the meetups?  Comment so I remember you and make sure I follow you!

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