Monday, June 4, 2012

This is What I Did - A Recap

Isn't that the most boring blog title ever?  I had "think of a title" in that spot forever but could never actually think of one so that is all you I apologize in advance for just boring you with the details of my week for a couple pages.  BUT, I'll be doing a giveaway (MY FIRST!) later this week so stay tuned for that.

So what happened last week?

Monday - 6 easy miles on the schedule
Hey, I did this!  I actually drove back from Eastern Washington early in the morning and busted out the run right when I got home.  The rest of the day consisted of a pedicure with a friend and preparing for the busy busy work week.

Tuesday - Push weight workout - Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
Did this at the gym in the morning...look at me getting my workout out of the way in the morning! I tore out a workout from the April Oxygen magazine, modified it slightly and did about 2 exercises per muscle group.  Maybe I'll blog about anyone interested in weight training stuff?  I had important stuff to do that night that included indulging in my obsession of Gossip Girl...

Yep, that is Blair Waldorf (in real life Leighton Meester)  from Gossip Girl.  She is actually a pretty talented singer and she was really really nervous which was kind of cute considering she plays such a strong character on TV.  The music wasn't really my style but it was entertaining.

Wednesday - 9 mile run
I still can't believe I actually pulled this off after work.  I was originally supposed to run it with a friend but she had a work commitment so hit the trail after work solo.  The run was actually pretty tough and I felt like it took me half the run to actually warm up but when I was done I felt like I could keep I had some awesome people watching!

Thursday - Pull weight workout - Back, Biceps and Abs + sprints
Well I didn't get around to the sprinting :(.  But I did get weights out of the way in the morning.  I did a version of the Jamie Eason routine here, but shortened it a bit.  I ended up getting home from an all day work meeting plus dinner and was wiped out so no run happened.

Friday - Legs - RESTed
Evidently not getting my sprinting in on Thursday was the beginning of not doing the rest of my workouts for the week.  I was exhausted from Thursday and had another long day at work Friday so I rested.

Saturday - Rest Day
There wasn't really any resting as I was on my feet for 12+ hours at a Science Festival at Seattle Center.  It was actually a ton of fun and was worth all the effort put into it!

Science is cool!
I stole this from my friend but I basically took the same photo :)
Sunday - Spin and/or Yoga - 4 mile run
Since I slacked on the sprinting I wanted to make sure I at least met my three runs a week goal so I set out on a nice slow run with the pup on Sunday AM.  Man my legs were TIRED from standing all day Saturday...all the more reason to not skip my leg weight sessions!

Spent the rest of Sunday with all my awesome 5K committee ladies from Girls on the Run to celebrate our super successful Spring 5K!  One our our committee chairs hooked us up big time at Emerald Downs race track and we got clubhouse seating, a race named after us and a trip to the winners circle.  One girl in our group won over $200 bucks on a $2 bet!
seriously fun group of girls!
Phew, what a week! What shall I do this week?

Monday: Legs weights <---no excuses
Tuesday: Push workout plus easy run
Wednesday: Pull workout plus cardio
Thursday: Adventure run with Road Runner Sports
Friday: REST, working another long day, hopefully the last one for a while
Saturday: REST, actually working for Nuun at this bike festival, come visit me!
Sunday: 11 mile long run

Question: Any local people ever done the Road Runner Adventure Run?  Are you going this week?  You should!

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Ricole Runs said...

Awesome week of workouts! So impressed you rocked 9 miles after work! And I'm sooo jealous about your emerald downs VIP experience!!! I love horses :-)