Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Night With Scott Jurek

Get your minds out of the gutter!  While I did spend an evening with Scott Jurek it was only some harmless running and book signing...although he is quite the cutie!  If you don't know who Scott is do a google search and just read his Wikipedia'll be in love in no time.

Tuesday night after work I made my way over to Fleet Feet on Capitol Hill to meet with my friend Sonia and Lindsay On the Go.  Scott showed up and was seriously the nicest person ever!  He was so thankful everyone was there to run with him and he reminisced about he came to Seattle to work at a running shop that used to be a couple doors down from Fleet Feet.

The whole running group from Fleet Feet
We gathered for a quick group picture and we were off for the 3.5 mile "fun run".  Looking around before the run it appeared like most people in this group were probably pretty speedy runners and boy was I right.  I have no idea how fast we were running but it seemed like 8:00 miles or so and we were practically at the back of the pack.  We ran up some hills in Volunteer Park and through some gorgeous neighborhoods I haven't discovered until now.  Fleet Feet captured a somewhat flattering running pic of Lindsay and I!
from Fleet Feet
Lindsay and Scott!
After the run Sonia and I darted over to Elliot Bay Book Company to grab a copy of his book Eat & Run before they sold out, which they did, pretty fast!  Scott came in and did a little reading, a little chatting and a little Q&A.  Some of my favorite moments:

  • His overall advice and point of the book really is to take pieces from everyone you meet to shape who you are.  He talked about various individuals referenced in the book and how each of them helped him in his journey to run like a mad man!  
  • Instead of a moment of silence for the passing of Caballo Blanco (who the book Born to Run is really centered around) we did a holler for him to celebrate his life.
  • Scott actually spent over 10 years in Seattle and one of his "training runs" was 3-4 repeats up Mt. know the 4 mile straight up hike...I'm not even confident I could walk up it without dying.  And evidently there is some run called 12 peaks...I'm afraid to even look it up.

Sonia and I busted out during the Q&A early to get in line for the book signing and evidently no one else had the same idea as us and we were first in line.  Scott was super appreciative of everyone coming out to the event and chatted with us for a few seconds and indulged us with a pic.  I hope he enjoyed touching my sweaty back!

If Scott tells me to do things, things I will do!
I haven't dived into the book yet but I'm already really excited about it and will be sure to do a book report at the end!  Scott described it as a memoir, training book, and cook book.  Oh yeah, if you didn't know Scott is vegan, an ultra runner powered by plants...I love it!

Are you super bummed you couldn't make it out to this event?  Well you have another chance to get a copy of his book and get it signed!  He will be at the Rock and Roll Seattle expo on Friday from 12-7.  You should at least stop by and get a picture with him!

Question: Do you have a running "celebrity" crush?  I have one after this week ;)

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Xaarlin said...

What a cool night! He was in Chicago last week but I couldn't make it. :(

You must do a review of the book because I'm always interested in reading running books :)