Thursday, June 5, 2014

MEET Team Six Pack With Racks Take 2!

Man oh man is Ragnar Northwest Passage totally creeping up on me this year.  I think my teammates feel the same way but I know they are all rocking their running lately so I'm confident we will all survive the ultra madness in July! As for my training it loosely consists of attempting back to back long runs on the weekend and running 1-2 times during the week…it's the plan that really isn't a plan at all.

The team is going to look a little different this year and I'm excited to see what some fresh faces and legs do for our team.  Without further ado here is team Six Pack With Racks…take 2:

Runner #1 - Robyn

Still smiling after 26.2 miles at Boston this year!

The mighty Robyn is back again and helping our team by tackling some of the hardest miles on this course for us.  I know she wouldn't have it any other way cause she does everything to the max! In the past year+ she qualified for Boston, ran Boston, got engaged, and moved to Colorado…oh all that while battling a recent diagnosis of Crohn's which she has not let slow her down!  I'm excited to spend 30+ hours in a van with her catching up on her life since she moved.

Runner #2 - Little 'ol me

Some of my last steps during last year's ultra Ragnar…hence the huge smile on my face!

Pretty sure you know enough about me, but I'll be taking the runner 2 position again this year which means some similar scenery as last year but I'm good with that.  I'll be tackling a little over 35 miles this year (a few more than last year) so I'm expecting everything to go just as good as last year…fingers crossed ;).

Runner #3 - Marilyn

How adorable are they! (stole this from Marilyn's blog)

Marilyn is a newbie to our team, courtesy of Bethany, and judging from her blog and tweets I'm pretty sure we found a STRONG runner. She is literally tackling the most miles (36!) for our team and in addition to filling a spot on our team her husband has agreed to be our driver.  I can't even imagine the amazingness that we will all feel not having to worry about driving, rotating drivers, who is driving next…THANKS TRAVIS! Oh and he runs marathons too, so I'm pretty sure he would jump in to help anyone through those scary night miles if they wanted. Can't wait to meet them both!

Runner #4 - Nicole

Comin in hot at the Mt. Si Relay 2012

Nicole and I met back in 2012 when we ran a little local relay at Mt. Si together and she has been popping in and out of my life ever since. She was beyond excited when a spot was available on my team this year so I'm expecting her enthusiasm to remain at 100% even in the middle of the night…ok Nicole?

Runner #5 - Jordanne

Jordanne on the far left after the 2013 Seattle Half

Jordanne joins our team courtesy of Nicole and I've ran (literally) into Jordanne at a few running events and races in the past and I know she will make an excellent addition to our team. I don't think she blogs…maybe we can change her mind during Ragnar?

Runner #6 - Bethany

Bethany starting the party for us last year!
Pretty sure Bethany needs no introduction after her fame from Ragnar last year :). I featured her on my blog before Ragnar last year and she was featured on Ragnar's Blog and the race Ragmag as part of their Northwest Passage Stories series.  I'm happy to say that she remains cancer free and still running marathons like it's her job! We convinced her blogging was a good idea during Ragnar last year and she set up her Running for Cannolis blog shortly after!

You should follow all these ladies via their blogs and tweets…here I'll make it easy for you:

We are changing up more than people this year! We will be rocking a 12 passenger van for added leg and sleeping room and running 4 times instead of 3…we are rebels I know! I plan on posting more about the 4 leg approach. 

Man writing this post just got me all kinds of excited for July 18-19!

Question: Who is running Ragnar Northwest Passage this year?!! What is your team name?


Anonymous said...

You forgot THE most important difference this year...WE HAVE A DRIVER!!!! :) Oh, and HEADBANDS! So excited for this! Mostly to see everyone, and also to be done first instead of last this year ;)

Lindsay said...

I'll be there! I have no idea what van I'll be in or what legs I'm running yet, but I'll let you know soon!!

Marathon Lar said...

I mentioned the DRIVER in Marilyn's part…SO EXCITED for that! I'll have to feature the headbands with our shirts later ;)

Marathon Lar said...

WOOT! You running with the Green Lake Runners Group?

Ricole said...

I look FAR from coming in hot in that photo!! Am I walking?!?! You know I can always be counted on for ENTHUSIASM!!!!

Bethany said...

Can't wait! It does seem to be sneaking up though.

Sybil Runs Things said...

So excited for Ragnar! My team is Everything is Awesome. I am runner #11, gave myself the Deception Pass leg ;)

Marathon Lar said...

Everything is awesome…at Ragnar! Nice work assigning yourself #11, everyone always RAVES about running over deception pass!