Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ragnar Team Six Pack With Racks - Teammate Bethany!

I've briefly mentioned in a previous post how my Ragnar ultra team came together, but there is one story you need to here.  Most of the other girls have blogs, but Bethany just stalks us on twitter ;) and doesn't have her own blog...but she should because this lady has an amazing story that needs to be told.

Bethany rocking the Capitol marathon!

Bethany responded to one of my tweets asking for Ragnar runners and after a few back and forths where she tried to get out of it by saying she was "too old" and "too slow" I convinced her to join our team because "NO, you are never too old for Ragnar" and "we all don't care how fast or slow anyone runs".  We met in person when the whole team met at Veggie Grill and that is where we all found out just how genuinely nice and awesome Bethany is and that holy moly this lady has been through ALOT in the past year!

Bethany wrote up her story for Ragnar and then gave me permission to share it here (look for the story in the Ragmag as well if you are running Ragnar Northwest Passage... #sixpackrack is going to be famous!)

Take it away Bethany...

I moved to Seattle last August from Boston, where I have lived all of my 47 years. I was training for my second marathon, Marine Corps. One week after arriving in Seattle, even before my moving truck had arrived from Boston, I was diagnosed with stage 1B breast cancer. My mother had died of breast cancer 13 years earlier so telling my 2 girls, father and siblings was very difficult. They all wanted me to pull out of the marathon, it may be too much on my body. I didn't. I continued training and due to 2 surgeries missed a few runs, but on October 28 I was at the start line and finished with a 6 minute PR. Three days later I started 3 months chemotherapy, then 6 weeks of radiation. Through it all I ran, slower and less but I ran.  I was not going to let cancer beat me. 
Being far away from my support system, I had to find a second one in Seattle. I was introduced to many amazing people who shared their experiences and knowledge with me. It is not easy to “make friends” as an adult and you really have to put yourself out there if you want to meet great people and challenge yourself. 
If cancer taught me anything it was to take chances in life. Life is too short to second guess yourself or be afraid. Ragnar is out of my comfort zone. But nothing else I do in life could be as hard as beating cancer. I volunteered last year at Cape Cod and said "I will never spend 24 hours in a sweaty van". I will not say never anymore. I am excited for July 19th. I'm on an Ultra Team "Six Pack With Racks" with 5 great women, who I followed on Twitter or read their blogs. Most of us just met each other recently.  
We all need to do things that are uncomfortable once in a while. New friends, sweaty van, lack of sleep, running 28 miles in 30ish hours it is an adventure bring it on.
Bethany and her recent college graduate daughter, Hannah!

Bethany and her other daughter and Ragnar volunteer for our team, Emily, thanks Emily!!

I'm going to think of her words when I start feeling down on myself about my running or I'm not feeling strong for some reason...if this lady can beat cancer and run through it surely I can get out there and be the strongest I can be for that run!

I'm really honored to be running with Bethany and sharing her first relay experience with her...I'm certain it won't be her last!

To get to know the other ladies on my team please visit their blogs!

Jessey - she doesn't have a blog or twitter or even Facebook...crazy I know! But you'll be seeing her in pictures and with some of the toughest runs of the entire relay this lady is going to be kicking some major butt for team Six Pack With Racks!

Stay tuned for a post where I freak out over how many miles I have to run and the two mountains I have to climb on my last run and make sure to follow team Six Pack With Racks on twitter and instagram with #sixpackrack!

Question: Who else is running Ragnar Northwest Passage? What is your team name and start time? We are starting at 9:30 along with the Oiselle team "Party Like a Flock Star" <---how awesome is that name?!

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Anonymous said...

Bethany is an inspiration to everyone who meets her! She will be an amazing addition to your team; she has the perfect amount of 'runner crazy' and don't let her "slow" talk fool you.
So proud of my sis-in-law!