Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So...That Running Thing

I'm sure you have all been just devastated by my lack of posts lately ;) and I do have a running confession to make...I haven't really been running at all since Hood to Coast.  I literally run maybe once a week and it is only because someone asks me to go running with them!  I haven't been sitting on my couch though, I've been pumping the iron in my gym pretty diligently for the last 7 weeks and I'm kind of loving it!  I'm a bigger fan of the way my body looks from lifting weights versus running, but I would like to find a nice balance between the two...anyone know of a plan for that?!

Despite my severe lack of running lately, I have some running related news to share with you all!

First and foremost, I was chosen as a new Ragnar Relay Ambassador!!  Shocking, I know...considering I brag about this relay and have run it the past 5 years in a row ;).  Well get ready for more bragging and promoting of this awesome relay series.  In similar news, Six Pack With Racks will be re-uniting next year and going for the Women's Ultra win this year...hehe...perhaps?  Rira is ditching us next year, but Nicole will be rounding out our 6 pack and I know she'll bring her A-ultra game!  I'll probably start running again before having to run 30+ miles in 32 hours.

Evidently I want to put myself through this again...something is wrong with me!
I listened in on a little ambassador training call last night and go super pumped for Ragnar Northwest Passage in 2014.  I would also love love to run another Ragnar next year (which one should I do!?) depending on vaca and money! Plus you all know Nuun is the official hydration sponsor of Ragnar so being an ambassador for the both of them is pretty much the perfect match ever for me and them ;).

I'm pretty sure NuunKOTB ignited Nuun's fire to be more involved in Ragnar, or at least I tell myself that ;)
In an effort to get slightly more motivated to run I signed up for two races to finish out 2013:

1. Purple Stride Puget Sound 5K for pancreatic cancer - THIS SUNDAY, November 3.  My neighbor asked me to join her team, the race is across the street from where I live, it raises money for pancreatic brainer.  I plan on running it as fast as my non-trained legs will let me, then doubling back to join my friend who will be walking it...should be a fun morning.

2. Seattle Half Marathon - December 1.  This is all facebook's fault :).  Fellow runner, Jennifer, posted on the King County Women's Runner page that she had a half bib to sell.  I inquired about the price (you know just curious) and she gave it to me for the sweet deal of $20! Couldn't pass that up. A whole mess of ladies are going to just jog this race for fun so I figure I can muster up enough training to not die during it and maybe even have a little fun.  I've actually never run this race but have heard so much about it (like the HILLS!) so I'm anxious to give it a go! Are you running??

My participation in last years Seattle Marathon - spectating with Starbucks
Oh and I'll be volunteering at this year's Mustache Dashe on November 16! The $45 price tag for a 5k was just WAY too steep for me so I figured I'll help out a little while cheering on my friends...come say HI to be, I'll be helping in registration/merchandise!

I'll be sportin these socks again for sure!
So, how do I intend to train for these events you ask? Well, I don't plan on doing much.  I'm going to continue with the lifting program I'm currently doing, throw in a short run or two during the week after lifting and just focus on a long run over the weekend. I can run 6 miles still no problem so I'm pretty confident I'll be able to ramp up from there and be fine before December 2.  Will I be running any PR's?  Not a chance, maybe that will be a good 2014 goal...??

QUESTION: Who is running/thinking about running Ragnar Northwest Passage? What do you need to know to convince you to form a team?

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