Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2011 Chicago Marathon Memories

Ever since running my first, and so far only marathon, in 2011 I get all sorts of memories flooding back around this time of year.  Especially, since training for my marathon was the reason I started this blog! This Sunday, 40,000+ runners will toe the line at the 2013 Chicago Marathon and I know a good handful of them! I wish more than anything I could stuff myself in one of their suitcases and cheer them on but I'll have to settle for stalking them via runner tracking.

Mile 2ish
Are you running Chicago this weekend? You can get excited by reading my post from two years ago. It looked like the weather was going to be HOT and stormy but I just consulted weather.gov and it looks a little more reasonable now in the 60's and cloudy, sounds perfect for some PR's and BQ's all around.

Totally in the zone here
Stacey, Katie and me after completely our 1st (and so far only!) marathon

And be sure to follow the Chicago ladies running this weekend including:
So sorry if I totally spaced someone running this weekend...good luck to everyone!

And sorry for the lack of posts lately...I do have some stuff to say so maybe I'll get my act together and put together something in the near future.  Until then, hope you all are having a great fall and enjoying all things pumpkin and fall marathon running!

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