Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I am a Jane! 2013 See Jane Run Sports Ambassador!

I received some exciting news over the weekend! On Saturday morning I woke up to an email that I've been chosen as a 2013 See Jane Run Sports exciting!

I was introduced to See Jane Run last year at their yearly half marathon/5K here in Seattle.  I worked the Nuun tent and was so inspired just watching the event from the sidelines I knew 1) that I would definitely be running this race next year and 2) I wanted to see how else I could get involved with See Jane Run.  They had ridiculously energetic race announcers, a fun warm-up, champagne and chocolate at the end and they make a big deal out of the last person to finish...which I love!

I identify with Jane because she is simply your average lady trying to be awesome in ways that she wants!  This mantra is posted on their website and I can totally relate to every single bit of it!


Broad-shouldered - CHECK
High heels in back of closet - CHECK
Run a mile then a marathon - CHECK
Chocolate - CHECK all the time!

I know I'll never be super skinny, win races, or probably even my age group, but I'm ok with that because if being a part of this awesome fitness community (bloggers, twitterers, Janes, Nuunies, etc.) has taught me anything it is that everyone is a winner in their own journey and beating yourself is really all that least to me anyways ;).  Honestly, I never knew I had such a competitive side with myself until I started running and chasing PR's every chance I could get!

post sub 2-hour half marathon...thinking about chasing a new PR...

See Jane Run is all about inspiring the average Jane to just get out there and do something good for yourself.  They have races all around the country and the Seattle half marathon and 5k event is scheduled for July 14!  They also have a pretty awesome website that sells all things running and includes all the best brands...although I didn't spy Nuun in there yet...I'm gonna have to change that ;).

SJR is all about community and without the running community I know I would have never even ran a 5k, let alone 10 half marathons, 1 marathon and relays galore!

These ladies started it all, my go-to running gals in the beginning at the 2008 Las Vegas half marathon
Ragnar craziness ensued starting in 2009
1st marathon with my original running ladies!
Then of course becoming obsessed and immersed in the online running blogging community, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing each and every person and company I have met along way is!


Mustache Dashe 5K

I could probably show you photos all day long of my inspiration to keep running and getting faster but I want you to keep reading so I wont ;). And this post is getting too long and emotional so I'll stop here!

BUT, stay tuned for how you can get involved with SJR...I'm hoping and betting there are some discounts in this deal for you too!
QUESTION: Who is saving the date for the July 14 See Jane Run event this year?  Should I train for a new half mary PR?

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