Monday, November 19, 2012

Race Recap: 2012 Mustache Dashe 5K

Man this race was fun and mostly because I got to walk to the start line from my house and see all my favorite blogger friends!

Becky and I woke up pretty early on Saturday morning considering the race didn't start until 10. But we filled the morning with tea and breakfast and of course getting our mustaches on!  My pink fuzzy stache wouldn't stay on so I had to steal a stickier one from Nicole at the race.

The Mustache Dashe folks really put on a good show! They had tents galore with free stuff, an espresso cart, food trucks, a stage with music, a mechanical bull and beer.

Luckily, my weather nerd co-workers forecast was right and it didn't rain while we ran at all!  A bunch of us ladies gathered pre-race and discussed the ridiculousness of mustaches and how it was impossible to smile with them on.

Before dashing! Pic from Sarah
The race started right on time at 10:00 and Nicole, Lindsay and I started towards the front of the pack and off we went.  It was so entertaining watching all the people in costume including one guy in just a speedo, two guys in blow up sumo suits and oh so many mustaches! We wound our way through Magnuson Park just chatting with each other but keeping a sub 9:00 pace the whole time. When we were coming around the final straight away Nicole told me I had 45 seconds to get in under 27:00 so I sprinted off to a new 5K PR of literally just under 27:00 at 26:54 and a pace of 8:41.
Me, Nicole and Lindsay right after finishing (courtesy of Sarah)
We hung around for a little time after waiting for some others to finish and of course getting a photo with the GIANT STACHE!
Photo from Sarah, she is such a good blogger with photo taking!
Such a fun morning!! What race are we doing next ladies?  I could probably work on my 10K PR next ;).

Question: Do you like the 5K distance? I really have no idea what I'm doing in terms of speed for these races since I'm so used to running longer but I figure if I just push myself more than normal I'm doing something right!

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Xaarlin said...

Ooh that looked like fun! And congrats on the new PR!!

5ks are so hard to pace. Give me a half marathon any day :)