Friday, November 2, 2012

FlybyNight + Flywheel Deal for You!

Stolen from Flywheel Seattle Facebook page
Well I didn't dress up for Halloween, I didn't go to any parties and I didn't hand out any candy...well except to day care kids at work.  I guess I wasn't in the "spirit" this year but I did do one Halloweeny thing that let me indulge in my newest fitness obsession...FLYWHEEL!

And put a Halloween scarf on my dog :)

The night before Halloween, Flywheel Seattle had a Flybynight ride with two instructors.  I tried my hardest to get every single one of my twitter followers to come but alas I had to settle for Lena, Sarah, Stacie and my non-blogger friend Rachel.  J/K girls, there was no are all my main flygirls!
Rachel, Lena, myself, Sarah and Stacie (stolen from Sarah's instagram)
They had the studio all decked out with strobe lights, blacked out windows and halloween music.  The instructors Aina and Kristin were in costume and both deserve a million points for keeping those super sweaty costumes on for the whole ride.

Like always the ride was ridiculously sweaty and I swear every time I go it's harder than the last time.  I have never sweat and got my heart rate as high as in this class and I would challenge any other activity to try and do the same thing that Flywheel does!
Have you ever rode that many miles or burned that many calories in 45 MINUTES?
After spinning for 45 minutes to Halloween tunes that ended with stretching to the True Blood theme song we took our sweaty stinky selves to Veggie Grill which is quickly becoming a post Flywheel/Flybarre tradition.  It is my duty to try everything on the menu and I would say I'm doing pretty good so far...meal number 6 I believe:
Al Hale Kale Salad with Tempeh!
If I haven't tempted you to try Flywheel left I'm not sure what to do but if I indeed have convinced you that you MUST try it you can...for really really cheap!! There is an Amazon Local deal right now that gives you 6 rides for $58 bucks (1st ride is free when you create an account plus the deal which give you a 5 pack of rides).  GO GET IT NOW!  It works at both Bellevue and Seattle.

QUESTION: Did you dress up for Halloween?  Hand out candy to kids? What is your favorite Halloween candy?

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