Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday - Sedona Edition

Yeah yeah it's Valentine's day and my Three Things Thursday should be all about love and hearts, blah blah, but I have nothing to say about that subject so...

Back to my trip to Sedona ok?  So, what else did I do besides run a half marathon?  Sedona is such a beautiful place and really you just need to be outside at all times to try and soak in as much sun, sights, and adventure that you can.  Here is what Sonia and I did:

1. HIKE!

On the day before the half marathon we decided to do a nice and easy short hike.  After reading some descriptions of Cathedral Rock being very hard and then in the next breathe saying inexperienced hikers could do it we though "why not!"  It was barely a mile to the view point but what a mile that was...STRAIGHT UP! Pretty sure there was some freestyle rock climbing in there and my running shoes did not offer the best traction.

I don't know why, but doing yoga in this setting just seemed right!
Sonia and I had big plans to do a long hike on Sunday but the hills during the race kind of tore us up and since the sun didn't come out that day, either did we ;).

On the way to back to Phoenix on Monday we stopped at Bell Rock to hike around the area and did a nice leisurely pretty flat hike for a little over an hour.  It was still pretty early so not many people were out and it was just a nice, relaxing way to end the trip and say goodbye to Sedona.

2. Jeep Adventure - Day in the West Jeep Tour

I scored a sweet deal on this Jeep adventure through Groupon so we basically got 2 for 1.  AND we ended up being the only ones in the Jeep so we got a private ride.  Our driver was this awesome lady who just chatted our ear off the entire time about the history of the area, how it was formed, and what all the rock formations were called.  We went out past where we ran the half marathon and onto forest service land and did some rock climbing with the Jeep.

We ended at a nice spot and watched the romantic ;).

3. Relax!

It might have barely even reached 70 degrees but for these Northwest/Midwest gals that was enough to lay out by the pool for a while.  Our resort had a great hot tub, lounge chairs and infinity pool so we took full advantage and relaxed most afternoons.

Sunday was the ultimate relaxation day where we took a short road trip for breakfast, visited a winery, had massages and ate dinner in bed watching the last half of the Superbowl.  One of my favorite things about staying in a hotel is the fact that you can eat in bed and not worry about getting crumbs everywhere!

Pizza, wings and wine, what more could you ask for!
Sedona with my bestie Sonia was the perfect way to get some quality girl time in all while getting rejuvenating with fitness, sun, and relaxation...ahhh!!

Question: Where is your favorite spot for R&R?

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