Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nuun News You NEED to Know

There are so many exciting NUUN things happening and while some of them are only exciting for me (let me be selfish ok?) there is some great news for all of you too!

First things first...I very briefly mentioned in my 2012 recap but I figure I should shout it a little louder...

I am a 2013 NUUN AMBASSADOR!! I was pretty much pretending like I was one for most of 2012 anyways, so I'm glad they actually made it official.  What does this mean? Well basically I get to spread Nuun love any way I please and get the opportunity to run with Nuun again.  Check out my Ambassador page here!

from Nuun website

And where might I (and YOU) get to run with Nuun again?...second piece of exciting news...

Nuun is the official hydration drink of the entire Ragnar Relay Series!! This is great news for all your Ragnarians out there as well because you can 100% bet that you'll be well hydrated if you run any Ragnars this year.

Pretty sure this partnership happened because of Nuun Kids on the

And since Nuun wants all its crazy ambassadors to help hydrate these Ragnarians I will be joining the Nuun team for the 2013 Ragnar Relay in the Adirondacks...that is upstate NY for all you West coasters.  Why did I pick the Ragnar farthest away from me? Well, my mom's family lives in upstate NY, so two birds, one is going to be a fun long weekend in September for sure.

And the final piece of news and arguably the most exciting...

Nuun has THREE NEW FLAVORS coming out! According to my twitter stalking this will all happen on March 4, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

follow @nuunhydration if you aren't already!

I was super lucky enough to get a preview of the flavors from Megan at Flywheel one night.  I felt kind of naughty receiving these samples in an un-marked plastic baggie...hehe.

Meet Lemonade, Cherry Limeade and Watermelon!

The verdict...all are delicious and very different from their current flavors...but if I had to rank them it would go like this:

1. LEMONADE - SOO refreshing and delicious.  It tastes exactly like sugar loaded lemonade without the sugar, how they do that and add idea! This MAY be replacing my current Nuun favorite, Citrus Fruit.
Waiting very patiently for my lemonade tab to dissolve!
2. WATERMELON - Also very refreshing and best enjoyed with ICE COLD water. I found this a tad milder than their other fruity flavors and if you are a fan of the lightness of the Lemon Lime flavor than this will be your new BFF.

3. CHERRY LIMEADE - Now let me go on record and say I don't like cherry one little bit. Cherry pie...eww...fresh Rainier cherries...yuck! BUT, this is pretty good! It has a pretty strong flavor and also has some caffeine so if you need a pick me up with your electrolytes this combo is for you.  I also think this might be perfectly delicious mixed with some vodka.

Question: Which new Nuun flavor are you most excited about?

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