Monday, October 15, 2012

Trying to Find my Running Mojo + Veggie Grill LOVE

I have no idea where my motivation to run is, can someone help me find it?  Don't get me wrong, I have been loving all the other workouts I've been doing, spinning, tabata, and barre classes, but I really do miss that feeling after a great run.  Remember how I said I would probably never do Flywheel again because of how expensive it is?  Yeah that didn't happen...the sweat is just way too addicting from that class, but it's an investment in my health so it's justified right? ;)

I signed up for a race along with I think every other blogger in the Seattle area...the Mustache Dash 5K.  Did they promoters of this event just market to bloggers cause I'm pretty sure I've read on 1 million blogs that you are all running this which means it is going to be insanely fun.  Not to mention the starting line is literally across the street from where I LITERALLY.  Becky from Run Fun Done is going to come up from Tacoma and have a sleepover with me so we can sleep in until 10 minutes before the race starts :).  Rumor as it we may be sporting a hot pink stache. They are promising beer, food trucks and a mechanical mustache (WHAT!?) so I have no doubt this will be a good time for all.

If you aren't running it you should or at least check out their website which is hilarious!

Since I have the chance to literally run the course every single day if I want I thought maybe I should attempt a 5K PR...maybe?  My unofficial 5K PR is from being a Girls on the Run running buddy where we came in at 28:08...I know I can beat that!  So, in a very feeble attempt to try and actually perform well at this event I'm going to try to incorporate at least two runs into my workout schedule each week which is two more than I've been doing for the past month.

  1. Just an easy 3-6 miler - through Magnuson Park of course so I find the absolute fastest way around the course :).
  2. A treadmill sprinting session - I actually love these types of workouts since they are easy to tack onto the end of a strength session at the gym so this should be easy.

I'm hoping this will start my love affair with running again and motivate me to sign up for another half marathon in the near future.

Okay, let's talk about food!  Over the past month the Veggie Grill franchise has hit Seattle. One within walking distance from Flywheel and the other in a shopping complex right down the street from where I live...DANGER!  Everything is vegan but I'm telling you things really do taste just like chicken, especially the FRIED chickin! With the combo of Flywheel and Veggie Grill I'm sure I'll be broke in no time living in a box in South Lake Union so I'm close to both places forever.

Sarah, Stacie and I headed to VG for the first time after a sweaty Flywheel class (well Sarah didn't spin because she was running a marathon a few days later, no big deal).  Anyways, we all got separate things and couldn't stop raving about it.  I went with the Blackened Chickin' Plate and it was pretty darn good.  The sides of steamed kale and quinoa make you feel pretty good about what you are eating.

Then I went again after Flybarre last week and had the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' sandwich with a side of the steamed kale.  Seriously, the crispy chickin' tastes just like the real thing! The bun was a little too much for me so next time I think I'll get it kale style.

I pretty much want to try every single thing on the menu so I'm sure I'll be going weekly until I accomplish that task, I'll keep you informed! I may already have plans to go 3 times this week...hehe.

Question: How do you motivate yourself to run when you don't feel like it?  Do you want to come to Veggie Grill with me sometime?

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