Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Recap: Girls on the Run 5K

I could give you a race recap that told you all about how I raced a personal record during this 5K and how this is the probably the first and ONLY time I'll ever come in in the top 10 finishers of any race, but that isn't what this race was about.  It was all about the girls...the young ones that is.  Girls on the Run is a nationwide organization that promotes positive self esteem and fitness for elementary aged girls with an after school program.  Saturday was the end of their program where they get to run a real 5K, complete with vendors handing out free products, an official start line, medals and post run food.  I signed up to be a running buddy and was paired with a very dedicated little runner, Delaney.  She was actually the coach's daughter and was happy to not be running with mom :).
Everyone wore the number 1!

I met Delaney at the practice 5K a few weeks ago where we ran a nice slow 5K in about 35 minutes.  She told me at the end of the practice she wanted to beat that time during the real race. I thought, no problem!  Well not only did we beat it...we SMOKED it...or rather she smoked it and I huffed and puffed in an attempt to keep up with her.  The stopwatch guy at the end said we finished in 26:50, my watch said 28:08...pretty fast for a 9 year old!

Mile 1 - 9:31
Mile 2 - 9:16
Mile 3 - 8:47  <--- I think it was a mistake to keep telling Delaney how far we had to go...she just kept picking up the pace!

I asked Delaney how she prepared for the 5K that morning and she replied with "I ate a chocolate chip muffin in the car on the way here, I like to bake".  I'm pretty certain she also had a sample of pop chips and a luna bar pre-race as well...the fuel of champions!
Look at that perfect form...arms at 90 degrees and everything!

We ran along the shores of Lake Washington in Seward Park where I have never been.  The course was fun and two hills challenged us both along the way.  After we were finished Delaney and I went back to the finish line to cheer all her friends in and she was SOO excited every time one of her teammates would run by, it really shows you how close these girls get over the course of the program.

As I was leaving I asked Delaney if she was going to go home and rest for the afternoon to which she replied "no, I have a gymnastics competition this afternoon".  Oh to be young and FULL of energy!


Heather said...

Very cool! What a wonderful organization. Sounds like you both get a lot out of it!

Margot (fasterbunnyblog) said...

That girl is adorable!!! I bet she was so pumped to be running with a 'cool grown up girl'.
Congrats on the 5k!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! What an awesome wasy to share healthy lifestyles with our youth!!