Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday - My LOVE for Flywheel Sports

After Tuesday's negative post about pv.body I felt like I needed to counterbalance that with something positive and downright awesome!

Of course, I've have professed my love for Flywheel in the past but thought I should elaborate on why you all should try it if you have one near you!  Plus the Seattle and Bellevue Flywheel studios both now have Flybarre.  I'm sure you've all heard of the Barre rage right now...yes? In a super nutshell it is a ballet inspired strength workout that mostly uses your bodyweight to do very small movements over and over and over again...until you feel like that body part might fall off.  Well Flybarre is Barre on steroids...really high energy, loud music steroids and it's awesome.
Seattle Flywheel studio (source)
Flybarre studio (source) are three reasons you should go try Flywheel and Flybarre RIGHT NOW!

1. You can't get this kind of workout on your own!
I don't care how hard you push yourself all alone there is no way you can do as good of a job as a sweaty 45 minutes on a Flywheel bike.  And in Flybarre your muscles are CONSTANTLY engaged and I challenge you to get through just one song with having to take a break.  You may grow to hate the word "pulse" but I promise all the pulsing is worth it.  The cardio push from Flywheel combined with the strength from Flybarre is a perfect combo.

When was the last time you burned 700 calories in 45 minutes?
2. Motivating instructors!
I don't want to talk a bad about any fitness instructors, but the spin and barre teachers at my regular gym having NOTHING on the Flywheel and Flybarre instructors.  Their instructors go through some serious training in order to work at Flywheel Sports and it shows.  Aina is far and away my favorite Flywheel torturer.  She is hilarious, motivational, and just a super cool chic.  I immediately fell in love with Aina and admitidly haven't tried many other instructors...but I'm certain they are all just as good!
Aina taught in that super tight banana skin suit for Halloween! (bottom left)

3. AMAZING customer service!
Over the past couple of weeks I took one Flybarre class and one Flywheel class and each time they exhibited amazing customer service.  I went to one of the free preview Flybarre classes since Bellevue just opened their studio last week.  In the beginning the instructor apologized for the "echo" in the microphone system and said they were working on it.  Honestly, I didn't notice a thing! After class she apologized again and said because of the "trouble" we would receive 2 Flybarre credits in our account. That is a $50 value folks!

Then the other night at Flywheel some riders forgot their water bottles.  Flywheel does not actually give out water bottles usually but they typically have some in case you forgot yours.  Well...they didn't have any left for the 6:30 class and instead of just apologizing for not having any they went out during the class, bought more water and brought it into the studio during the ride.

The entire staff is friendly and very helpful. They have lockers, snacks, showers, towels and everything you could possibly need (hair ties, tampons, body spray for after, etc).

If working out with other awesome ladies motivates you come Fly with me and other flygirls sometime.
Addicted after the first FLY (Rebecca, myself, Sarah, and Stacie)
Rebecca, Stacie, Sarah and I have been spreading the Flywheel love for a couple of months and we have convinced tons of other ladies to try it as well.

BONUS: As I was about to hit publish on this I noticed just wrote about Flywheel Sports...see others think it is pretty awesome too!

QUESTION: When are you going to try Flywheel Sports?  If you want to come pulse with me next week I'm planning on hitting up the Seattle studio for Flybarre on Tuesday at 5:30 and then spinning on Thursday at 6:30.

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