Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 Weeks Til Sedona Half Marathon

Happy New Year everyone!  My new year's week of training got off to a slow start with just a couple walks, but I picked it up towards the end of the week.  I decided I need more consistent strength training in my life so I'm going to be loosely following the Jamie Eason Live Fit program that I've done before.  The program really just provides easy to follow workouts to make sure I hit every muscle group.

Here is what I was up to on New Years week:

Monday - Doggy walk for NYE.  It was a nice day and I'm trying to walk Stacey daily for at least 20 minutes. We did a super long walk through Magnuson Park before I was off to do NYE festivities which included seeing Twlight Breaking Dawn Part 2 (don't judge!) and ringing in the new year with girlfriends.

Tuesday - Happy New Year...doggy walk.  I was actually feeling great from the festivities the night before and the sun was shining so bright so Stacey and I took off for a walk down the Burke Gilman trail.  I was SUPER lazy the rest of the day and capped off the day with a yummy meal at Pies and Pints...I highly recommend.

Wednesday - Chest/Triceps in the AM, 4 miles in the PM
Busted out a quick strength routine a the gym in the morning and got in 4 miles with the pup just before the sun set right after work.

Thursday - Legs strength routine

Friday - Back/Biceps plus treadmill sprints
After strength I warmed up on the treadmill for a mile at 6.0 then bumped it up to between 8.0-8.5 and completed 15, 30 second sprints with 30 seconds rest in between on the side of the treadmill.  Finished the run with 5 minutes at 6.0 to make a 30 minute workout.

Saturday - Shoulders and Abs
I didn't actually do the abs on this workout but did a routine with the Nike Training Club app that was pretty decent.

Sunday - 10.5 mile run with Sarah and Lauren
Sarah and I already had plans for 10 miles after we had so much fun together last week and when Lauren asked on Twitter for some running buddies to run 10 miles at a 9:30-10:30 pace it was a match made in heaven.  Lauren is a cool chick (and not just because we share a name) and is training for the Paris Marathon...how cool is that.  10.5 miles went by fast with these ladies and we even had to take a slight medical break due to a spill poor Lauren took by tripping over a rock :(.

Question: Did anyone start their New Year's off with a workout?

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