Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Day I Scared the Sh*t Out of My Dog


So the funniest thing happened to me the other day and every time I think about it I laugh out loud.  I'm not the greatest story teller but hopefully you get a chuckle out it as well.

There is some background you all should know before the dog is the most nervous/anxious/excited car rider on the planet.  She has been since the first day I got her.  She usually stands up in the back seat whining, crying, sometimes barking and panting really loudly for the duration  of car rides.  If we get on the freeway for a long time she actually does lay down and relax...a little.  It is usually extremely embarrassing to go anywhere in the car with her and a friend...or worse her and a date (won't be making that mistake again!).
Are we going in the car? A run? Play ball?
For the most part I think it is pretty harmless. She is just ridiculously excited to get wherever we are going.  She MORE than willingly jumps into the car so I know she can't wait to see where we are going.  I have actually tried putting that Thundershirt thing on her that is supposed to calm even the most nervous dog is immune to that thing.

Okay, now to the story... which really isn't that aptly titled...I wouldn't say she was scared per se but when I told my mom the story she said "Oh man you literally scared the shit out of Stacey" I laughed so hard I had to repeat it for you all :).

Enter Monday evening...

Stacey and I were in the car on the way to Greenlake (popular Seattle running path) to meet a friend for a run.  The ride is only about 15 minutes and Stacey has been in the car for MUCH longer stretches than that.  She was in the back seat doing her usual whining, crying, huffing and puffing.  When we were about 5 minutes from the lake I suddenly notice she was really quiet and glance in my rear view mirror to see her pacing back and forth back and forth very quickly.  I thought "that is odd" and then she assumed "the position" dog owners all know what I'm talking about!  I quickly yelled "NO STACEY, NO!!" And to my surprise she actually stopped.  Okay, yelling that probably scared her...sorry Stace :).

LUCKILY, I was able to pull over right away. I didn't even turn the car off I just rushed out of my seat, opened the door and she came flying out to take the BIGGEST poop I have ever picked up in a patch of grass next to the car...PHEW...SO glad that didn't end up in my back seat.

As I'm picking it up I just start laughing really really hard.  I'm not sure why I thought it was so funny but I did and I still can't stop laughing about it.  What wasn't funny was the fact that I couldn't find a garbage can right away so I put the bag in my car and just the short drive to the lake was pure smelly torture.  I rolled down all the windows and when I got in my car this morning I swear I can still smell it a bit...YUCK!
She is lucky I think she is pretty darn cute!
Thankfully, we still met up with my friend and ran 3.5 miles together and amazingly Stacey still had enough left her in stomach for 2 more dumps! The story has a happy ending :).

I can count on one hand how many times Stacey has gone to the bathroom indoors since I've had her and it is always because it is an emergency so I can't imagine what she was feeling like in the backseat finally deciding that "what the hell, I'm just gonna go back here!"  I feel a little sorry for her because her  tummy must have been SOO upset.

Ah pets...always providing constant entertainment!

Question: Has your pet ever surprised you with something that made you laugh?

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Kerrie T. said...

Bwahaha! I love this. And Stacey is awesome. I bet Bennie would love her!